Kohler villager cast iron tub in the modern house

Why Kohler Villager cast iron tubs are the best ones

Kohler Villager cast iron tub is bathroom equipment, which is considered to be a recognized leader in the segment of luxury and premium goods. The quality of Kohler Villager cast iron bathtubs is confirmed by more than a century of production experience and demanding customers around the world.

Dark Kohler Villager cast iron tub

Nowadays this trade mark is false considered to be a brand which can be purchased only by rich people. Of course, it is not true. Its prices are quite different, so you will be able to choose something suitable just for your house or apartment.

Good looking Kohler Villager cast iron tub

In general we can’t but mention that the American company Kohler manufactures a full range of products to equip the bathrooms: equipment, sanitary ware and furniture.

Kohler Villager cast iron tub in the contemporary bathroom

Kohler bathroom equipment is made with the help of unique technologies. The matter is that the materials and coatings are produced only by this company in the whole world.

Kohler villager cast iron tub in the modern house

Kohler production is developed with well-known American designers such as Michael Smith and Buck Bardelli. And the company itself has had a long history. Nowadays the owner of the company, Herbert Kohler, is a billionaire. His property is estimated at four and a half billion dollars.

Kohler Villager cast iron tub interior

Well-known magazine Forbes has called Herbert one of the most significant world’s billionaires. The skillful engineers of Kohler Company decided to improve qualitatively the lives of Americans. They realized a brilliant idea and covered by enamel an ordinary washing tub. As a result of this innovation, now we are able to use cast iron bathtub.


Up to the present moment the company of Kohler follows the chosen direction of development: everything is done to the benefit of the consumer, producing only the best bathroom equipment as to its quality and consumer properties of this kind of production.

Kohler villager cast iron tub

And now we are going to discuss the full list of Kohler Villager bathtubs advantages:

  • The ability to choose the most appropriate form of this bathroom equipment;
  • Most of the baths has a convenient built-in front panel;
  • If you want, you can fit your cast iron bathtub with a hydromassage and aero-massage equipment. But in order to do this, it is necessary to consult a specialist;
  • The bathtub can be made in different colors, nowadays the most popular ones are white, blue, pink and black shades;
  • This bathtub is also available with left-hand overflow;
  • If you pay additionally, you will be able to set an overflow system as well as bath faucet;
  • As a rule the rectangular bathtubs have an optimum length of from 150 to 159 cm, i.e. the buyers can find exactly what is best suited for the interior of the bathroom and take a bath taking into account the peculiarities of their own growth.

More photos

Modern kohler villager cast iron tub

New Kohler villager cast iron tubPink Kohler Villager cast iron tubPopular Kohler Villager cast iron tub

Popular Kohler VillagerRectangular Kohler Villager cast iron tubStandart kohler villager cast iron tubTwo-colored Kohler Villager cast iron tub

White Kohler Villager cast iron tub

White rectangular Kohler Villager cast iron tubInterior for Kohler Villager cast iron tubLarge Kohler Villager cast iron bathtub

Black Kohler Villager cast iron tub

Contemporary Kohler Villager cast iron tub

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