Travel bidet elements

Why do we need a travel bidet?

According to the specialists’ point of view, portable personal travel bidet can be useful in many different situations. For example, you may need it while you are traveling, during flights and at parties.

Popular travel bidet

Women can also use it at pregnancy period. Portable travel bidet is powered by 2 batteries, which can be purchased in almost any corner of the globe.

Travel bidet bag

What do we need for starting using it? – Not much! – Just add some water!



Let’s discuss this amazing equipment in details.

Travel bidet details

So as it has been mentioned above, it operates on AA batteries. But is not the only advantage. – Travel bidet is rather compact. – The average size of such a device is 15 cm long and 5 cm width. This compactness allows a person to take it without any troubles. Washing period lasts 20 seconds. The water pressure can be easily adjusted. The most well-known manufacturers are Panasonic, TOTO, Venus and BioBidet.

Travel bidet elements

In order to start using this thing, it will be enough to pour some water in a special compartment, the average volume of which is 120 ml. Then in most cases you will need to pull out a body and drew the nozzle. The common model makes it possible to choose the most comfortable mode of liquid flow. There are two variants of jet – standard – 8 ml. / sec and thinner – 9 ml. / sec. In order to launch it, just press the appropriate button and start your washing.

Travel bidet for journeys

Mechanical models are different from the electronic. The matter is that they do not operate with the help of the batteries. It starts working due to the pressure created by your own hand.

Travel bidet good choice

According to the professionals’ points of view, both types of devices are very easy to use. They actually can be handled even by a child.

Travel bidet how to use it

When do we need to use a portable travel bidet?

In fact, it is a necessary device of personal care that may be needed in everyday life as well as on special occasions. For example, you can take it on the work or to the party, on a visit, it will come in handy on the plane, on the train. The rules of personal hygiene are rather important for keeping our health.

Travel bidet lotion

Who needs this production?

  • people who spend a lot of time going on business or just travel frequently;
  • women and men who are not going to compromise in matters of personal hygiene;
  • pregnant women who are obliged to keep an eye out especially for health;
  • mothers who changing their babies a nappy certainly try to wash a child by warm water, even on the road or in an airplane. After all, the using of wet wipes does not replace the rules of delicate baby’s skin cleaning.

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Travel bidet manual

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