Glass bathroom fixture lights

What we should know about bathroom fixture

All in all many decorators divide the bathroom into three zones – the morning (shower / sink), evening (bath) and universal (toilet / bidet).

Bathroom fixture sets in two tones

But if you don’t have enough space for all these elements, it is necessary to analyze carefully your habits and find out the zone which can be sacrificed. For example, it is possible to set the shower instead of a bath if you don’t like lying in a hot water. In this case you will be able to save some place for shelves or vanity.

Bathroom fixture sets tile idea

Bathroom furniture

Of course, we can’t discuss the bathroom fixture without mentioning the furniture which is usually arranged in this premise. If the size allows, do not be afraid to use some original things.

Bathroom fixture sets white and red

For example, a crystal chandelier or a lamp bracket, a soft low chair, a bookshelf, a vase for flowers or a trunk for keeping different things. It will make the bathroom more comfortable and particularly suitable for those who often take a bath, make different masks, love creams and oils. If you like to use this room as a spa, you should create there a special place where you can sit and relax.



Probably, everyone dreams of the bathroom with a window. Why? – Because the day light not only decorates the interior, but also improves the mirror reflection.

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If there is no any direct access to the light, but your bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom, you can create a window between them: the day light will be sent to the bathroom, though in smaller quantity. Planning the bathroom fixture purchase we shouldn’t forget about a bright light, which is necessary for daily hygiene, as well as about a more intimate and relaxing one. Setting lighting and selecting the bulb brightness, remember that the mirror surface doubles and sometimes triples the room illumination.

Bathroom fixtures in minimalist style

Bathroom equipment

Despite the established tradition, your bathroom is not a place for the washing machine. Take this device to the kitchen and if it is possible leave some space for a bidet and a bathroom vanity. Choosing the radiators, discover the modern market rather carefully.

Convenient bathroom fixture sets

Nowadays there are a lot of pretty models. You can always find something special. For example, in classic or in minimalist style. The only thing which is relevant in the bathroom is scales. If the area allows, you can decorate the room by ancient metal scales. Heated floors make the bathroom comfortable at any time of the year.

Exclusive bathroom fixture sets

And mind that the bathroom and toilet are the most intimate places in the house, and that is why here you are free to organize all exclusively for yourselves.

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