Black porcelain clawfoot tub

What should we know about porcelain clawfoot tub?

Frankly speaking, porcelain clawfoot tubs have gained its popularity just recently. But what are they? And why are they so popular worldwide? Let’s discover.


All in all the porcelain bathtubs are distinguished by the fact that they are quite light and are presented in a large range of different shapes and colors. And if you equip them by the legs of interesting design, you can get quite an unusual appearance of the tub as well as the room where it is located.

Bathtaps for porcelain clawfoot tub

As a rule, porcelain tubs have their own supporting frame, hidden inside the construction. However, modern designers offer to use the special supporting legs instead of this boring skeleton. And a variety of legs is also represented by a fairly large model range, allowing you to choose the kind on our own discretion.

Black porcelain clawfoot tub

Freestanding porcelain claw-foot bathtub is quite available today. It has a lot of excellent aesthetic properties. Also, such a bath keeps heat well, allowing you to enjoy your water treatments in a proper way.

Bright surface of porcelain clawfoot tub

Modern porcelain tubs with unusual legs

A great variety of the baths as well as their legs offers a perfect choice even for the most sophisticated buyers.  Clawfoot bathtub has a good advantage – it is unnecessary to install it somewhere near the bathroom wall, in order to hide all the materials, which have been used during its installation.

Bright taps for porcelain clawfoot tub

This bath can be put in any place: at the center of the room or near the window for those, who want to admire the wonderful view.

Modern design models

For any unusual bath you can purchase the legs in the form of the open frame. These legs are excellent support and at the same time they do not significantly change the bathroom interior.

Claw Foot Tub Now Laundry Basket

The leg-frames are usually made of mild steel and create the illusion of the tub hanging in the air, although, in fact, it is installed rather firmly.

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