Narrow toilet design

What is a water closet?

What is a water closet? How to decorate it in a proper way? Let’s discuss this important question.

Contemporary bathroom and toilet

If the toilet is small, it does not mean that this room does not need any elaborated design. Quite on the contrary – the interior decoration of small size toilet must be worked in very details, taking into account the rest of the house or apartment interior, and, of course, the main functionality of the room.


Mind that the right decoration for small toilets will visually enlarge the limited space.

Good-looking toilet design

Bathroom and toilet are considered to be one room, even if they are separated by a wall. That is why the tiny toilets should apply the same finishing materials, the same color, the same shape, texture and decoration of pipe and sewage systems, as in the adjacent bathroom.

Interesting toilet design

Interiors toilet and bathroom are like twins, the separation of which can spoil the overall impression about the house.

Light toilet

So, in order to create a harmonious interior of the restroom it is necessary to:

  • replace old communications to new PVC pipes;
  • hide all the water pipes and sewer risers under the finishing materials. For this purpose, use the simple design of the drywall, which can be easily disassembled in case of emergency;
  • install new plumbing equipment. If you have a wall toilet, fix it immediately, just before the wall finishing. The floor model is mounted on a new floor;
  • lay flooring and tile at first, and then deal with the walls and ceiling;
  • use the lightening of the small size. Pay attention to that fact that any large chandelier will reduce the already small room.

Lighting in the toilet

Having defined the general concept of the toilet (it should be combined with the style of the house and the bathroom in particular) you can start your repair.

Luxurious toilet

The color scheme of the bathroom

Now we would like to talk about the color palette for our water closet. The shades can be rather different. And it is up to you to decide how to decorate your bathroom. From time to time deep black and saturated blue have become rather popular in the modern interior. But in most cases other tones of cold and hot pastels are used.

Minimalist toilet design

Let’s discuss the influence of some of them.

Modern design of the bathroom

Delicate, like blurry water, pastel shades are especially good in the interiors of small toilets.

Modern wall toilet

Ultramarine, mint, lilac, turquoise and delicate rose visually fill the water closet interior by cool and emphasize the features of each accessory.

Narrow toilet design

If you want to revive pastel interior it is possible to do it by means of color accents, for example, bright graphic panels or intricate shapes of the lamp on one of the walls.

New Composting Toilet Design

Do you want to make the interior of your flat and lifeless toilet brighter and more interesting, do not use one-colored tiles in your toilet decoration. Remember, the smaller the space is, the more courageous a color combination has to be.

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