Cast iron bathtub for sale in French style

What cast iron bathtubs can be found for sale?

The selecting of a cast iron bathtub, as the main element of the bathroom interior, depends on its impact on human life. So in many cases it’s up to you to decide what model to choose.

Cast iron bathtub clawfoot

There are many cast iron bathtubs for sale nowadays. Their choosing depends on the material and additional manufacturing capacity.


As a rule cast iron baths are considered to be the best choice. But why? – Let’s discover.

Cast iron bathtub for sale in French style

What are the advantages of cast iron bathtubs for sale?

  • One of the main advantages are their extremely reliability and a long service life;
  • Opposite to, for example, steel ones, cast iron bathtubs do not make unpleasant sounds when the water is dropping onto their surface;
  • They are not afraid to any mechanical damages, even if the enamel covering will be spoiled. You are able to recover it without any additional troubles;
  • Cast iron bathtub installation is now quite simple, because all modern models are really much lighter and more compact.

Cast iron bathtub modern design

According to the customers’ decision the best cast bathtub for sale can be found at such well-known manufacturers such as Roca, Jacob Delafon, Porcher and Goldman. Choosing the ordinary cast iron bathtubs of these companies you get a guarantee of unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Cast iron bathtub production

Goldman cast iron bathtub for sale

High quality, durability and excellent design of Goldman bathtubs promote the company’s success in the international market, and put it on a par with the largest manufacturers of bathroom equipment.

Cast iron bathtub for sale in two shades

Goldman bathtubs have a number of advantages, such as:

  • high strength;
  • soundproofing;
  • covering durability;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • perfectly smooth surface;
  • the highest enamel quality;
  • convenience and ease of use.

Cast iron bathtub

Jacob Delafon cast iron bathtubs

Jacob Delafon Baths are an example of exquisite French style. In Jacob Delafon bath production the company uses unique solutions that allow maintaining a long tradition of bath casting and enameling, at the same time, combining them with modern technologies.

Clawfoot cast iron bathtub for sale

Because of its enormous strength of frame and enamel covering you will be able to use it for decades.

Porcher cast iron bathtub

Already in the early 20s the company Porcher established itself as one of the leaders in the production of high-quality and stylish French bathroom equipment in the world market.

Claw cast iron bathtub

Porcher bathtubs is a standard of French quality and style, which meets all international standards of quality. They are really durable, comfortable and safe. Another important advantage is the price. Despite of the high quality and durability, they have a low bathtub cost.

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Elegant cast iron bathtub

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