Clawfoot of copper tub

What are the peculiar features of copper clawfoot tub

Copper clawfoot tub is a triumph of style over the grayness of everyday life. In the center of the bathroom there is a real work of art, which has become the main focus.

Dark copper clawfoot tub

It is impossible tear ourselves from this piece of furniture. You really want to touch it, and, of course, to enjoy a nice swim. Contemplating the graceful lines of the aristocratic interior it is simply unrealistic to remain indifferent.

Deep copper clawfoot tub

This stylish solution can only be in the house of people who appreciate the true beauty of the copper interior.


The undeniable advantage of the copper bathroom equipment is a natural bacteria resistance, because these micro organisms have no chance to survive on its surface. For a man it is important to observe cleanliness and hygiene.

Exclusive copper clawfoot tub

In addition to its incomparable aesthetic qualities, copper clawfoot tub is characterized by strength, reliability and durability. So purchasing this piece of bathroom furniture, you get not only stunning decorative elements, but also a practical thing.

Interesting copper clawfoot tub

Patina is one of the characteristic changes of copper clawfoot tub, which confirms the quality of the product. But if the owner of the house likes having more noble metal shining, he or she should keep in mind that it is possible to achieve these results with the help of simple actions. – Just process your copper clawfoot tub with wax, and do it monthly.

Interesting design of copper clawfoot tub

Modern assortment of this bathroom equipment is rather wide. You can find a great range of copper clawfoot tubs, which come in different shapes and styles and able to focus on a minimalist design, as well as on the retro or oriental direction. Such a variety of models ensures that any fancy ideas of ideological inspirers will be easy to implement.

Modern copper clawfoot tub

Bathtub made of copper is an extravagant solution that can categorically change the decoration of the bathroom, because the copper gloss will look unique in your home. Every bend of the copper clawfoot tub, which was produced with the help of skilled craftsmen, indicates the origin of the noble elite bathroom equipment.

Nickel copper clawfoot tub

Copper tubs mean refinement and practicality, which are able to brighten up routine. Once installed, they subsequently become an indispensable part of the home decor.

Ordinary copper clawfoot tub

Copper clawfoot tub is a stylistic device that can decorate any interior thanks to the harmonious combination of precious metal with other materials, including glass, natural stone tiles.

Oval copper clawfoot tub

Copper baths are not a relic of the past, but its personification of elegance, fine and exquisite taste. Purchasing such an original thing, the owners will not be able to avoid the temptation to show it off to friends and relatives.

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Plain copper clawfoot tub

Rectangular copper clawfoot tub

Small copper clawfoot tub

Upper look of copper clawfoot tub

Victorian style of copper clawfoot tub

Vintage copper clawfoot tub

Bottom of copper clawfoot tub

Clawfoot of copper tub

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