Black background for wall hung toilet

What are the main features of wall hung toilet

If you want to have a wall hung toilet in your house or apartment the first thing you should do is to study  the structure. We can’t but mention that this unit is represented by a strong steel frame, which can be attached directly to the wall or installed in any desired location.

Black background for wall hung toilet

In the last case the weight will be a little bigger and that is why the frame will be heavier. But in the apartments the walls are usually used for the mentioned above purpose. As a rule this bathroom equipment is installed in a special niche in which the main pipes for sewage and water are arranged. Although it is not obligatory, of course.


The main thing is to find a place for the cistern. And here you really need to make a small recess in the wall. Usually it takes not more than 20-25 centimeters. Inside cistern will be safely hidden and sheltered by a drywall or other material.

Contemporary interior wall hung toilet

At the same time a cistern has four attachment points, two of which are attached to the floor, which makes it possible to adjust the desired height. However, access to it is always open. Why? – The matter is that it has a so-called “tablet” or button through which you can easily get in and cut off the water or make the necessary repairs and adjustments.

Contemporary wall hung toilet

Typically for the cistern production the high-strength plastic is used, but the capacity may be quite different. The volume ranges from three to nine liters. The set also includes all necessary pipes and fittings, which permit a relatively quick installation.

Exclusive wall hung toilet

Several advantages

It should be noted that the wall toilets became popular in the West, especially in America, in the late 80s. Since that time there were many versions of them, but today this bathroom equipment is considered one of the best in the modern world. This indicates that the service lives is quite large, as well as ease of using.

Hi-tech wall hung toilet

This wall toilet takes up much less space because the cistern is built into a niche and is practically almost on the same level with the bowl. The very form of the bowl, even though it is considered to be a traditional one, does not have a slimmer leg. This allows you to put the same tile directly below the toilet.

Interior for wall hung toilet

Cleaning will not be hard, as it is sufficient just to wipe the floor with the help of disinfectants.

Ivory wall hung toilet

In small bathrooms this design not only looks attractive, but also adds visual volume to the room. Moreover, the designer forms allow making it even more beautiful and stylish piece of bathroom furniture.

Modern wall hung toilet

Ordinary wall hung toilet

Oval wall hung toilet

Plain wall hung toilet

Rounded wall hung toilet

Sophisticated wall hung toilet

Square wall hung toilet

Titan wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilet

Wall Italian toilet

White wall hung toilet

Bidet and wall hung toilet

Black and white interior for wall hung toilet

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