Vitra Disabled Toilet

VitrA toilet – eco-friendly and so stylish

When you need a really comfortable and contemporary equipment for your bathroom which is not as expensive as the popular companies’ products, choose VitrA toilet.

Vitra Elongated Toilet

You will save you money and get the same perfect quality which is offered by the leaders in this field. VitrA products are available in over than 75 countries. This industrial group has got about 40 companies all over th world.

Vitra Espace Toilet

Therefore if you have the unit of this company installed in your bathroom and a problem after some time, you can easily find VitrA toilet spare parts online, at the official site or in a marketplace.

Vitra Evergreen Toilet

The original parts for VitrA stuff, plumbing fixtures, sanitaryware, disabled toilet suits may be ordered directly from your home.

Vitra Istanbul Toilet

Order a VitrA toilet flush or one of the most popular (due to its universal size and shape) S50 VitrA toilet, and the unit will be delivered to your house in time. The company deals only with the units which are made from the best quality material.

Vitra Retro Toilet

The toilets are made from eco-friendly materials, have absolutely gorgeous design, and durability. They are mostly designed using ceramic, which is so easy to clean.

Vitra T4 Toilet

Polished white finish looks stunning with the sleek design of VitrA toilet items. The dual-flush mechanism of the unit is eco-friendly as it uses less water. Having a toilet by VitrA at home you can be sure – your bathroom is equipped with the most contemporary and at the same time affordable sanitaryware.

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