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Variants of glass shower stalls

Choosing the glass shower stalls, you can pick up one of the following units – frameless, framed or even semi-frameless. Depending on the model chosen, the price of the unit will differ.

Glass Shower Doors Images

For example, framed glass shower enclosures will cost you less than those which do not have frames. It is easy to guess (and it turns to be true) that semi-frameless construction price is average.

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Most of home owners pick framed units. They do it due to the less price of the stuff. However, the modern trends of glass shower cabin designs suppose choosing a construction without any frames.

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Although the frameless units are more expensive (the glass is thicker and more durable), the owner of this shower is happy to spend less time for the shower stall maintenance.

Glass Shower Doors Over Tub

These glass shower cubicles are easy to clean, they look luxurious and enchance the bathroom appearance adding it a glamorous look. The installation of a shower cabin if you hire a contractor, may cost you more than the unit itself, but it is better to trust this work to a specialist.

Glass Shower Doors Tub

Otherwise, the mistakes which you can make installing this bathroom stuff can lead to the peeling the cabin away from the bathroom walls. In this case the shower stalls replacement will be needed. And it will eat the money again.

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Therefore in case when you deal with the bathroom stuff installation it is better to ask a professional making his job. Even a mistake happens, there is a warranty to the contractor job always.

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