Towel Shelves For Bathroom

Variants of a towel storage for bathroom

The first thing you need when you coming out of your shower or a tub is a towel, therefore a towel storage for bathroom should be installed near the shower stall or your bath tub.

Towel Shelves For Bathroom

You do not have to walk out and start searching where you hid this useful thing. Moreover, several towels should be always at hand. There is nothing difficult in making this possible.

Towel Shelves For The Bathroom

The cheapest and the easiest way to have towels always nearby is to attach several hooks for them. let a couple of these hooks being fixed to the door (on the bathroom side), attach a hook near your shower stall.

Towel Storage Bathroom Uk

A small towel rack can be placed to the door of the towel cabinet for bathroom. Some grab bars which are used in bathrooms may be also used to hang there towels.

Towel Storage Cabinet For Bathroom

As a rule, towels are sold in sets. There is one large bathroom towel there which you use for the whole body, two middle ones for your hands and feet and a couple of small towels for face. All these towel kits may be stored in bathroom towel cabinets. You can also use a rack like hotels use or a small towel stand for bathroom.

Towel Storage For Bathroom Ideas

These convenient units are available at home improvement stores and furniture warehouses. A usual vanity can be used as a towel chest for bathroom.

Towel Storage For Bathroom Wall

The lower shelves of this unit can be given to the large towels, and the upper shelf can be used to store there the small ones and napkins. Do not forget to place a spacious basket to store there used towels. Use a wicker basket with a lid for it.

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