Modern toilet flush

Toilet flushes and their kinds

Today the contemporary market offers a wide range of bathroom toilet bowls of various shapes and colors. The specialists are sure that even if you take into your account the fact that there are just some main types of this bathroom equipment, their modifications are rather wide.

Corner toilet flush

Let’s see how to choose a toilet bowl, and what its types there are in general.

Corner white toilet flush

The ways to flush the toilet

The most important parameter of the toilet flush selection is a design issue, i.e. the arrangement of sewer pipes in the house or the apartment. There are toilets with an oblique flushing (water flows down a slope), vertical flushing and toilets with horizontal flushing.


Nowadays an oblique flushing of sewer pipes can be seen rather seldom. Why? – The matter is that it is considered to be out-of-date. It was used in the blocks of flats in the second half of the twentieth century. That is why, the bowls with special oblique flushing occur frequently.

Cozy toilet flush

Vertical toilet flush can be seen in contemporary cottages, and most contemporary buildings use the horizontal type. The direct way is constructed in the contemporary premises.

Elegant toilet flush

When you are going to build your own house, it is recommended to take into account all the parameters of the sewer pipe flushing. But in the case when you need a toilet bowl to the ready apartment, you have to adjust it to the existing system.

Hi-tech toilet flush

By the way, the vertical and direct flushing can save some inches of space in the closet. Sometimes this volume is quite enough for a comfortable using, due to the fact that the toilet, that is mounted against a wall.

Leg and toilet flush

If the house has a slope flushing, you have to choose a more compact model of your toilet bowl. In this way you will be able to compensate the distance, which is occupied by the various sewer pipe.

Modern toilet flush

Types of toilets

Unfortunately, only some people can consider themselves to the happy owners of the large bathrooms. To be honest, it is not a great problem, of course. Modern industry allows to find the right size of the toilet bowl, which is able to save some place. But in order to achieve this goal, you should know the dimensions of the room and the size of the place, where you are going to arrange your new toilet.

Ordinary toilet flush

For small premises the modern manufacturers usually offer toilets with a hinged structure. In this case the cistern is mounted in a wall, and the bowl is fixed thereto. This position reminds a bookshelf. As a rule this saves more than half meter of the space. According to the specialists’ point of view the construction can carry up to 400 kg. Among the other advantages are compactness, harmony and ability to minimize the accumulation of dirt.

Oval toilet flush

But, of course, detached toilet is much more familiar. The most common type of this category is a compact one. It is familiar to us the combination of a cistern and a bowl, represented by a variety of models of different shapes and sizes.

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Side view toilet flush

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