Exclusive custom bathroom

Tips for custom bathroom interior

Custom bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house, after all people come there at least twice a day: in the morning, in order to cheer up before the working day and at night to wash away all the tiredness and to relax before bedtime. Therefore it is very important to have not only comfortable, but also a functional bathroom.

Custom bathroom for large premise

Small premises can be decorated in minimalist design. Baroque, colorful ornaments and many details make the bathroom look even narrower. Ruffles, flounces, rosettes and intricate curlicues are not our choice. In a small space clear lines of objects and decor will be more appropriate.


Wall mirror is a good way to expand the space visually. However, remember that in the conditions of high humidity in the bathroom your mirror will sweat. One of the main conditions for a stylish bathroom design is sterile cleanliness of walls, floors, glass and faience.

Custom bathroom with two windows

Another way to enlarge the space visually is to design the interior in light colors with some bright accents. Do not take a great interest in pure white shade. According to the psychologies’ point of view emotionally it is rather difficult to stay in the completely white room for a long time. In addition, we can’t but mention that the white tiles require daily care and cleaning.

Exclusive custom bathroom

It is better to choose a lighter shade of any color, and to add to the bathroom some contrasting or of the same color elements. But mind that the last ones should be more saturated.

Gray shades in custom bathroom

By the way, have you already known that the color affects our emotions? All in all the appearance of the interior influences the well-being. Especially you should pay attention to the bathroom shades, as this room has been invented just for total relaxation. Therefore, choosing the color scheme, it is worth to remember the simple rules of shade combinations and effects, which are able to create different accents.

Ivory custom bathroom

Instead of mounted or free-standing wardrobes in a small bathroom it will be better to use the built-in furniture or to mount shelves in the form of the whole surfaces without any gaps, so that they completely cover the walls. It seems that this variant reduces the space.

Large custom bathroom

In fact, the feeling of closeness is not created by the actual area only, but also by many separate items that can be distinguished by people. Built-in wardrobe or long rows of shelves are taken as a whole unit, and the bathroom seems larger thanks to the psychology of space perception. For the same reason, all that can be hidden in a cabinet, has to be hidden.

Light custom bathroom

The mirror in the bathroom can be equipped with spot lighting, but you don’t have to give up the upper lighting. The even space filling by the help of the light is another way to expand the bathroom visually.

Luxurious Bathroom

Inward opening door saves additional two feet. Replace the hinges and install doors that will be open to the outside or set the sliding ones. This variant is more convenient, but more expensive and difficult for setting.

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