Small Walk In Shower Stalls

The three main types of walk in shower stalls

The three main types of walk in shower stalls offer constructions which can be called “traditional” shower units, a combo of a shower and a bath tub with a door and a handicap construction for disabled.

Tiled Walk In Shower Stalls

The traditional walk in shower enclosure does not differ much from a shower cabin, but a handicap unit always has some additional stuff installed inside the construction.

Walk In Shower Enclosure And Tray

There are several “musts” which this unit should have. First of all, it has to be more spacious than a regular walk in shower cabin.

Walk In Shower Enclosure Packs

The enlarged size of this construction is easily explained by the need of an extra space for a wheelchair which can be easily rolled inside the shower and outside it. This shower needs a special floor surface, always anti-sleppery.

Walk In Shower Enclosure Uk

The grab bars along the walls are always mounted as well. Each of these walk in shower cubicles features a seat. It is natural that even a healthy person may be tired to stand when taking water procedures.

Walk In Shower Enclosure With Drying Area

A person which has some physical challenges needs a comfortable and rather wide seat in a shower. The level of this shower unit floor is the same with the rest of the floor outside the cabin.

Walk In Shower Enclosure With Return Panel

This feature lets the wheel-chair rolling in and out with no problems. Hospitals and some hotels also install commercial shower stalls walk-in constructions. These units give elderly and disable people the same comfortable opportunities to take a shower or any other water procedure, rest there and feel more even healthy again.

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Walk In Shower Enclosure With Stone Tray

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