Popular Western toilet

The peculiar features of Western toilet

Do you know how to choose a toilet bowl in a proper way? This question has been probably thought by everyone who has ever done repairs in the bathroom. It is traditionally believed that the toilet bowl should be comfortable, easy to clean and suitable for the growth of all family members.


But nowadays the problem of choosing worthy equipment is complicated by the wide range of models represented in the sale. Constantly there are some kinds of toilets, which differ from each other not only by a stylish design, but also by the technical specifications.

High tech Western toilet

Of course, it is necessary to understand that when choosing a Western toilet you should pay attention not only to the cost and design. These parameters are important, but not the main ones. According to the specialists’ point of view, it is recommended to mind the following:

Modern Western toilet


Modern toilets are made not only ​​of porcelain, but also of faience. High-quality porcelain products are more durable, so with careful treatment, they will be used for more than 50 years.

Popular Western toilet


In this case it is necessary to focus on the lowest family member. We would like to give you some pieces of advice. – Sit on the toilet: your feet should touch the floor easily and not hang.

Two piece Western toilet


The toilets can be floor, hanging and wall attachable. If your room is rather small, choose the hanging models.

Western toilet black seat

Toilet cistern

It has to be chosen depending on toilet bowl model. When you purchase it, experts advise to pay attention to the fact that the toilet bowl as well as the cistern. It has to be fitted tightly to each other and prepared for connection.

Western toilet bright seat


According to their constructions they can be dish-shaped, visor and funnel-shaped.

Western toilet decor

Type of flushing water

It can be forward and reverse. Reverse flush is more reliable and qualitative, as the water is washing the entire bowl.

Western toilet full view

Type of cistern water flushing

There are several systems: one-button, two-button and aquastop. The most popular one is two-button mode, which allows saving the water.

Western toilet in ensuite bathroom

The method of water flushing to the sewer

In general, there are three ways: oblique, vertical and horizontal. The last method is more typical for European models of toilet bowls. Oblique flushing is provided by a pipe pointing down at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.

Western toilet in small bathroom

Purchasing the toilet, make sure that the model is fully equipped with all the necessary fixings. And the last tip, do not trust the installation of your new toilet to any unskilled people. The best way is to ask the experts.

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Western toilet in sophisticated interior

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Western toilet two kinds

Western toilet white

Western toilet with wooden seatWhite toilet bowl with toilet paper in a bathroomEquipped Western toilet

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