Ceramic porcelain bathroom sink

The peculiar features of porcelain bathroom sinks

Nowadays the porcelain bathroom sink is considered to be among the most popular ones. This can be explained by tradition, as well as by the fact that these kinds of sinks are rather resistant to aggressive media, mechanical damages and temperature changes.

Contemporary porcelain bathroom sink

The surface of the porcelain bathroom sinks is very easy to be cleaned from dirt, grease and salt. And it does not turn yellow and darken with a course of time.

Corner porcelain bathroom sink

Current models of porcelain bathroom sinks will give not only ease of use but also will be an excellent element of the interior, which has an original and exquisite design.

Deep and round porcelain bathroom sink

The kinds of porcelain

It is of common knowledge that for the manufacture of modern sinks, various kinds of ceramic materials can be used. Also the surfaces are covered by materials that can repel water. They do not allow it to penetrate into the inner layers of the sink. As a result, the surface can be easily cleaned from dirt and dried dust by ordinary cloth.

Designer porcelain bathroom sink

Porcelain bathroom sinks are hygienic and environmentally friendly. They are also resistant to limescale, scratches and rust.

How to choose a porcelain bathroom sink

The best variant is to choose your bathroom sink together with the bathtub. Why? – The matter is that the bathroom equipment should be in harmony with one another and suit the interior as a single ensemble.

Exclusive porcelain bathroom sink

Porcelain bathroom sinks can be of all the possible types: wall, laid on, pedestal and half-pedestal. Also there are tiny sinks, which can be more suitable for small or guests bathrooms.


Regarding the form of these bathroom equipments, today they can be very unusual and even strange. For example, there are oval, rectangular, square, triangular or even asymmetrical ones.

Functional porcelain bathroom sink

The proper approach to the selection of porcelain bathroom sinks involves the following stages:

  1. It is necessary to determine the size of future purchase, i.e. to measure the space in the bathroom, which is necessary for the future sink. This is a very important thing, as the width of modern can vary from 30 centimeters to up to 2.5 meters.
  2. It is necessary to note whether the plumbing system corresponds the fixing elements. Be sure to buy a compatible siphon and the accessories. And, of course, the best variant is when they are included.
  3. When you are purchasing a faucet, no matter what kind, do it at the same time with a sink. Why? – The matter is that sometimes the faucets can’t match the sinks produced by another country.

More photos

Large porcelain bathroom sink

Light green porcelain bathroom sink

Ordinary porcelain bathroom sink

Porcelain bathroom sink for decorationPorcelain bathroom sink for large bathroomRectangular porcelain bathroom sinkRound porcelain bathroom sinkRound white porcelain bathroom sinkRustic design and porcelain bathroom sink

Sophisticated porcelain bathroom sink

Upper look to porcelain bathroom sinkWhite rectangular porcelain bathroom sink

Amazing porcelain bathroom sink

Ceramic porcelain bathroom sink

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