Exclusive cast iron bathroom sink

The peculiar features of cast iron bathroom sink

Among the wide variety of sinks available today, there are several materials, which are always at the top of popularity. Cast iron is definitely one of them.

Cast iron bathroom sink after cleaning

Many of us know that cast iron bathroom sinks have been used by people for many years. Why? – The matter is that they are durable and rather attractive. And today they are available in a wide range of colors, styles and prices.


General information

Cast iron bathroom sinks are usually made of two layers. The fundamental one is represented by heavy, durable iron alloy, which is then coated with a thick enamel, called the top. Together they create an impermeable surface with a shining finish.

Cast iron bathroom sink with two taps

Advantages of cast iron bathroom sinks

As to durability and attractive features, it is the only one that meets all these requirements. Heavy basement means that this bathroom equipment can be used by you throughout your life, then by your children and perhaps even by grandchildren.

Elegant cast iron bathroom sink

Despite of their durability, they may also be aesthetically pleasing and as a rule provide beautiful appearance of your bathroom. A thick top layer of enamel has a beautiful glossy shining. In most cases, this equipment is of white shade, but the color can be changed depending on the preference and the surrounding style. You can find them in pink, green, blue and even black color.

Exclusive cast iron bathroom sink

Disadvantages of cast iron bathroom sinks

This model is extremely heavy, and it means that two people will be necessary to install it. Before setting it into the support with a wooden base you may also require some changes aimed at the additional basement strengthening.

Gray cast iron bathroom sink

The stability of this type of bathroom sinks

In the most cases, cast iron models have high percentage of recycled iron, up to 80%. This makes them so stable. According to the specialists’ point of view it is considered to be the most stable one among the whole range of modern bathroom sinks.

Interesting cast iron bathroom sink

The secrets of its maintenance

Polished enamel surface is non-porous, which makes it resistant to stains and easy to clean. All you need is to rinse your sink thoroughly and to wipe it with a soft cloth. That will be quite enough. But remember you should do it after each using.

Modern cast iron bathroom sink

Be careful and avoid abrasive cleaners and tools, as they can scratch the surface.

Pink cast iron bathroom sink

By the way smooth and neat lines of your cast iron bathroom sink will be a great addition to any premise, especially if it is framed in a modern, minimalist or industrial style. Pay attention to this information and try to implement your knowledge.

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