Bathroom Toilet Styles

The most unexpected and so different toilet styles

Those people who travel a lot know that each country, tradition and even religion has its toilet styles. They can differ one from another so much, that it may seem you compare two absolutely opposite things.

Caroma Toilet Styles

Most of us use European toilet styles – a toilet with a seat, bowl and cover. Toilet paper is used. A washout toilet is a unit which does not let the stuff flushing before you do it on purpose. Some toilet styles around world are so “aged” that it seemes they were used thousands of years ago.

Cool Toilet Styles

Tibet toilet features no seat, no tiles, no walls. Several holes only, so you have to aim and hit the target. Bidets toilets are offered in Europe and in Latin America. Japanese “traditional” toilets are built-in.

European Style Toilet Design

They are installed directly in the floor, but new electronic units with remote provide the best comfort when you do your things there.

European Style Toilet Flush

In Asian toilets you use water to wash up and squat. Most of oriental traditions suppose a water hose installed nearby. The water is used instead of the toilet paper.

European Style Toilet Seats

In China public toilets do not have doors, and in Amsterdam you can talk with your friend using at the same time a mobile toilet. After travelling we return home to our usual life. Full of emotions and impressions from overseas visits, we use so convenient units, like these toilet styles Kohler company offers.

Modern Toilet Styles

Kohler has dealers all over the world, so you may recommend a toilet by this company to your friend from a country you just returned from.

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Bathroom Toilet Styles

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