Framed bathroom resurfacing

The main secrets of bathroom resurfacing

Traditionally the walls and floor of the bathroom are tiled. And it is not surprising as the tiles are a practical material that is ideal for areas with high humidity level.

Bathroom that needs resurfacing

But sometimes it is thought that the traditional tiling makes out bathroom design so boring. – As all the rooms everywhere are alike. But at the same time there is no material which is better than tile. Is it possible to create extraordinary interiors with the help of ordinary decoration? Of course! The only thing we need is to use our imagination.


The tiling methods

Do you want to make a unique design? – Start with the facing choice then.

Before and after bathroom resurfacing

Depending on the tiling area there are three main kinds of bathroom resurfacing:

  • Continuous facing;
  • Finishing with tiles up to a certain level;
  • Functional areas tile framing (WC, bathtub).

According to the experts’ point of view, the design choice depends on the bathtub size. Two first variants are suitable for a compact bathroom, as the tile framing will mix all the elements.

Contemporary bathroom resurfacing

There is much more ways of tile lying:

  • The seam in the seam (tiles for tiles, both vertically and horizontally);
  • Diagonal;
  • Checkerboard;
  • Ornament (laying of colored tiles, or tiles with a pattern);
  • Patchwork (laying of tiles with colorful drawings without any unique theme).

Contemporary design bathroom resurfacing

How to decorate a small bathroom?

For a small bathroom, it is important to enlarge the space visually. In order to achieve this, you should use the following design techniques:

  1. Choose light-colored tiles;
  2. The dimensions of ceramic tiles should not be more than 20×20 cm for square and 30×20 cm for rectangular tiles;
  3. To expand the space visually and to reduce the height you should lay the rectangular tile horizontally;
  4. If you want to increase your bathroom height visually lay the rectangular tiles vertically.

Fiberglass bathroom resurfacing

How to decorate a spacious bathroom?

The specialists are sure that in the spacious bathrooms there are a lot of different design variants. In this case you should not be afraid to reduce the space in your bathroom. The main aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere, promoting the maximum relaxation and calmness.

Framed bathroom resurfacing

In contrast to the small bathrooms in this situation you are allowed:

  • Using a large-format ceramic tiles;
  • Cutting tiles (if you hide the trimmed tile in the corner, it won’t be seen);
  • Using a mosaic;
  • Facing by dark and contrast colored tiles.

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