Bathroom Ideas Pink Tub

The magic of small bathroom tubs

Cute and deep, small bathroom tubs are designed for the bathrooms which are not spacious. It does not mean they are not inconvenient.

Bathroom Ideas Yellow Tub

Sometimes even a very small bathroom tub is much more comfortable than a large drop-in or walk-in bath tub. The comfort of the unit is provided by the additional inches which give the tub its depth.

Small Bathroom Clawfoot Tub

Thus, taking a bath in such a tub you are immersed deep into water. Very often a small bathroom design bathtub is worked out the way the water in this bathroom stays warm (or even hot- as you like) for a long time. Such tubs for bath are good for taking healing baths.

Small Bathroom Corner Tubs

Sea salt, essential oils, herbs added to the water , give energy and health to your body and relax your mind, giving you the rest which you need so much after the hard day of your work. These tubs can be made of stone or marble, porcelain or acrylic.

Small Bathroom Freestanding Tub

Some luxurious small soaking tubs for bathroom are granit. These units are everlasting. Stone bath tubs were used hundreds and even thousands of years ago, and today they are still in trend.

Small Bathroom Jacuzzi Tub

A small bathroom with a tiny soaking bath tub may become your personal plave for relaxation and meditation. Close the doors of this room, and even your house, and forget about the troubles in a warm water with essential oils added there. Many home owners still store somewhere in garage their old claw-foot cast iton soaking bath tubs. Find it there and give a new life to this awesome unit bringing comfort into your life.

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