Legend Victorian bathroom

How to create Victorian bathroom

Initially interior Victorian style appeared in the second half of the XIX century in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. And immediately it turns into the real synonym to the sense of taste, respectability and stability in any sphere of life.

Flower design in Victorian bathroom

Victorian bathroom is usually a lush and cozy premise in the corresponding style. According to the designers’ point of view it can be an ideal choice for the country house owners.


And now we’ll show you how to achieve the right effect. The only thing you should do is to follow six simple rules.

Legend Victorian bathroom

  1. Spacious area for creation

There were a great number of different pieces of furniture and decor in any room of Victorian house. And, of course, the bathroom was not exclusion. Sometimes it happened that the full-size living rooms were taken as a premise for washing.

Minimalist Victorian bathroom

  1. Dark wood finish

In the Victorian era dark tones for wood were used very widely in the interior. Wooden frames and doors, bathroom furniture made of wood of dark shades or materials imitating it were quite available. But nowadays if you think that the whole wooden door will look too heavy, you can decorate it with inlays of stained or painted glass.

Posh Victorian bathroom

  1. Floral prints

Today, you can choose beautiful wallpaper with floral prints. This type of decoration is rather resistant to moisture and steam, and, of course, absolutely safe for our health. If you prefer a tile, then choose the elements of the moderate shape (for example, small squares) and classic colors such as white and ivory, combined with black or dark green.

Sinks in Victorian bathroom

  1. The red and green duo

The most common colors of Victorian bathroom are red as well as its saturated tones (such as burgundy, terracotta, brick and dark pink) and green of dark tones (the color of moss and emerald). However, they must not conflict with each other. The fashion for a combination of red and green came much later.

Sophisticated Victorian bathroom

  1. Retro motifs

Bathroom equipment in retro style fits perfectly in the Victorian interior. It should involve a high toilet cistern, a cast iron bath with claw-foot lion’s legs, a pedestal sink and porcelain faucets with brass valves.

Victorian bathroom decor

  1. Elegant accessories

Hooks, towel holders, cups for toothbrushes, soap dishes, waste baskets can be made of glass, metal (for instance, copper, brass) or gold painted porcelain.

Victorian bathroom decoration

In general, “Victorian” is more like a private living room, so you can decorate it with textiles (curtains or furniture draperies) and safely place here lamps, vases, paintings, and even the artificial fire-place and chair.

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