Small Japanese toilet seat

Japanese toilet seat and the type of the toilet flush

So, you have bought a modern Japanese toilet seat. Or perhaps you are just going to purchase it. Of course, your choice is ideal. It is very important to have modern, comfortable, and high-quality bathroom equipment at home.

Covers for Japanese toilet seat

But have you already thought about the toilet bowl to which you should install your seat? That is a really important question, which has to be discussed from the very beginning.

Decorated Japanese toilet seat


Nowadays according to the specialists’ point of view the most reliable is flushing mechanism in which the button is pushed inwardly, not pulled out. Apparently this is due to the fact that, pulling, we put great effort, causing different kinds of damages.

Equipped Japanese toilet seat


What about smells? It is of common knowledge that any bathroom and toilet have to be cleaned regularly. And if you don’t want to turn your cleaning into boring and endless activity, the experts recommend choosing your bathroom equipment properly. There are many different materials for making toilets, but today the most common are porcelain and faience.


Sanitary ware is cheaper than products made of porcelain, but they are less durable. Porcelain has less porous structure, it absorbs smells and dirt less and that is why you can clean it easily.

Exclusuve Japanese toilet seat

Porcelain equipment will serve you from 50-60 years, whereas sanitary ware only 30-40. However, nowadays modern manufacturers began to use new technologies firing sanitary ware. It reduced its porosity, and thus prolongs the service life.

Interesting Japanese toilet seat

Would you like something unusual? What about installing your Japanese toilet seat on the bowl made of gold, silver or even stone bathroom equipment instead of using the same boring sanitary ware? Oh, that is not a problem, but you should be rather careful choosing unusual type of material.

Interior Japanese toilet seat

For example, despite of all the beauty and monumentality, stone has several disadvantages that make using of the toilet quite impossible. Natural stone absorbs odors and dirt; moreover, it requires special care and expensive restoration.

Interior modern Japanese toilet seat

If you really want this type for your Japanese toilet seat, you can order a bowl made of artificial stone, which almost doesn’t have any drawbacks except one – its artificiality.

Japanese toilet buttons

Toilet bowl made of stainless steel is considered to be inexpensive and rather original one. These toilets are appreciated for strength, but put usually in public places.

Japanese toilet seat buttons

Lightweight plastic meets the requirements of hygiene and has a high safety factor, but requires special care. Choosing it, you won’t be able to use any abrasive and hard brushes; otherwise the surface of your toilet will be scratched. Besides it, acrylic products can not stand high temperatures.

Japanese toilet seat in narrow toilet

So that is up to you to decide which toilet seat to choose. According to the specialists’ point of view, its color, size and shape are not very important.

Japanese toilet seat lid

The main thing is that it should be comfortable, because every morning, any man does not begin with coffee as advertisers tell. He or she begins the day from going to the toilet, so try to make this starting comfortable.

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