Hand held bidet fixation

Wall, toilet or perhaps a hand held bidet. What to choose?

To install or not to install a bidet? That is the question, which is not usually discussed by modern designers or architects. Their answer is quite simple: to install, of course.

Economy variant of hand held bidet

The specialists are usually asked by the lucky people with rather big apartments or the happy owners of country houses. The volume of the toilets in these dwellings is sufficient enough to accommodate not just a hand held bidet, but the Jacuzzi, showers with a Turkish bath and even infrared sauna.


The large apartments usually have at least two bathrooms – the guest and owner’s ones. If the guest bathroom is small, it is more convenient to put hygienic shower there. It consists of a small shower head and water switch, which are mounted on the wall next to the toilet, and that is why don’t take any additional space.

Elements of hand held bidet

In recent years, the huge popularity has been taken by a special hand held bidet toilet attachment. It is usually selected by owners of small apartments or houses.

Fragments of hand held bidet

Instead of ordinary lid on a wall or floor toilet the special model of bidet is installed. Valves of cold and hot water, the feeding tube and all control panels are located on the lid, which is separately connected to the water supply and to the socket.

Hand held bidet elements

This lid is able to provide the same functions as the shower toilet. It is also possible to control this bathroom equipment both with the help of the remote control panel and mechanical pedal for foot. However, this type of bidet as an ordinary lid is not suitable for the entire toilet. Sometimes it can be set only on the models of the same manufacturer.

Hand held bidet fixation

What type of bidet would you prefer?

If your bathroom is large, the best choice would be the usual bidet equipped with a faucet. As a rule, it is mounted or suspended not far from toilet bowl.

Hand held bidet sprayer

If the bathroom space is limited, it is possible to install the wall or the floor toilet, combined with a hand held bidet. Do you want to get the simple variant? – Choose the bidet lid then. This budget decision is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on the complete bathroom item.

How does a hand held bidet look like

On the one hand, for less money, you will get more functionality. On the other, such a device is less reliable and is not suitable for all toilets.

Important elements of hand held bidet

Alternative variant. If you want to save even more, forget about bidets and think about hygienic shower. A small shower head on a hose connected to a faucet mounted on the wall next to the toilet and successfully performs the functions of a bidet.

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