Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in a house

Small tips for custom bathroom vanity organization

Perhaps the bathroom vanity unit is not the most important and functional part of this room, but as a rule if you don’t spend enough time for choosing this piece of furniture, it will spoil even the most stylish interior design.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in a house

So what should we take into account when we are choosing a custom bathroom vanity for our house or flat?


There are some definite points. Let’s discuss each of them in details.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in two shades

Proper arrangement

Choose a special place for your bathroom vanity, minding that it should be situated quite far from the main areas of active movement.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets storage places

This area must also be placed at a sufficient distance from the door. Otherwise it will interfere with the opening. Do not forget about the cleaning moments, because sometimes it may be rather difficult to service this piece of furniture.

Custom bathroom vanity for small bathrooms

If your vanity has outward opening doors, think in advance whether they will not be a source of discomfort in the open position.

Custom bathroom vanity in white shade

Among other things, also pay attention to all the project details that will be located nearby. For example, many people forget about a window or a mirror. Also mind, please, the shelves, which should be easily accessible and convenient to use.

Exclusive custom bathroom vanity

The most suitable materials

Take into account the fact that your custom bathroom vanity is located in an area of high humidity. It means that the materials, from which it is made, play a very important role. – Of course, they must be water-resistant and durable.

How to arrange everything in custom bathroom vanity

If you chose the wooden one, make sure it is treated with special detergents in order to protect against external influences, as even the most durable lacquer is not an absolute protection of the wood.

Modern custom bathroom vanity cabinets

The proper size for the bathroom vanity

Remember that the vanity size should not be something like a random choice. It must always be related to the size of the bathroom as a whole. Never try to arrange a large piece of furniture in the tiny bathroom, even in that case when your goal is to have a maximum of storage space; this idea will bring you nothing more than some discomfort. Designers advise to start with an ordinary item, the traditional parameters of which are D53 cm x W60 cm. Only if the size of the bathroom makes it possible, increase the vanity size.

Modern custom bathroom vanity cabinets

This factor is really very important. Choosing the proper vanity height, first of all it is necessary to think who will be using it. Typically, the height of 80 cm is optimal, but some designers advise to “try on” a vanity, which is a bit higher – 86-88 cm.

Modern custom bathroom vanity

The space inside the custom bathroom vanity

The space inside the vanity is usually filled with different things. But only a few people think that the inner surface can also be very well used.

Modest custom bathroom vanity cabinets

For example, if you want to store your hair dryer and other electrical appliances arrange them on the custom bathroom vanity door.

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