Two baday toilet

Why do we need baday toilet?

Baday toilet is represented by a small bath or a low sink, and is considered to be as hygiene bathroom equipment as for example, a washbasin.

Baday toilet in small premise

The difference lies in the fact that in bidet water does not flow downward as from the tap, but like a fountain up from the bottom. Using this fountain can replace us a toilet paper.


This equipment is mainly used in European countries. For example, in Spain, Italy and France it is installed in almost every home. The same can be said about some Asian countries. The most popularity bidet has got in Japan, there it can be found not only in residential homes, but even in the greatest part of hotels.

Baday toilet in the bathroom

So, as we can see, this is a well-known fixture for the bathroom, which is usually used in addition to the toilet. By the way bidet is sometimes called as hygiene shower. Like a shower it has hot and cold water, and the necessary temperature can be regulated by mixing faucet.

Baday toilet

Where are bidet sanitary equipments usually arranged? – According to the specialists’ point of view, it will be better to set it in the bathroom and near the toilet. But it should be noted that setting a bidet can be accompanied by some difficulties. Perhaps in order to set a bidet you will need to do a re-planning.

Bathroom bidet toilet

Bidet allows us to maintain personal hygiene. However, one should also keep in mind that this equipment also requires regular and timely care. Many people compare a bidet with ordinary toilet. It is nothing but a mistake. In fact, it is more correct to compare this device with a bath or a sink.

Bidet and a square toilet

Modern bidet can perform a variety of different functions. For example, you can use it for washing your feet. Generally, a bidet is a very comfortable bath, which can be used for bathing the babies. This equipment is a useful and necessary thing for those who have difficulty with taking the bathroom. That is why it is often used by elderly people, whose physical activity is sometimes restricted. Also it is very convenient to use a bidet by those who have any injuries which do not allow taking a shower.

Bidet seat

But how to take it in a proper way? – Many people believe that it is much more convenient to sit back to the taps. Generally, this is a matter of taste. Everyone decides how to use the bidet. But you shouldn’t think that after buying a bidet you will take it instead of having a shower or a bath.

Ceramic bidet toilet

A bidet can be often found in hospitals. This bathroom equipment helps sick men or women to maintain personal hygiene that is really very important.

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Modern bidet toilet

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Baday toilet equipment

How to install a bidet seat by yourself

How to install a bidet seat

Bidet is rather popular bathroom equipment in many modern houses and apartments. But do you know how to install a bidet seat? – Let’s discuss this process in details. As an example we have taken a classical bidet, represented by floor type with the faucet water supply.

How to install a bidet panel

As a rule, it is located in a very close distance to the toilet bowl. But you should take into account the so called “working” zone. The minimum distance is 70 cm (the width of the bathroom equipment plus the area around it).

How to install a bidet seat arrangement

Equipment preparation

Before installing a bidet you should carefully read the instructions and check whether all the necessary details are available. First of all you need to deal with the holes in the bowl. There is a standard amount of them.

How to install a bidet seat by yourself

They are tree in the complete. Upper is used for mounting a mixer, the other two are located within the container and are used for overflow and siphon.


The mixer has one feature that is useful for its use. – A sprinkler attachment, which allows to change the direction of water depending on the destination.

How to install a bidet seat connection

The mixer and siphon setting

In order to connect the mixer to the water source you would require two thin pipes, reinforced by exterior metal braiding. The mixer setting is represented by a few steps, some of which are associated with pulling the pipes: fix the ends of the hoses in the sockets of the mixer; insert them into the specially provided holes on the shelf (at the top of the bowl); fasten faucet by the screw of a suitable size.

How to install a bidet seat control panel

Fixing to the floor

Arrange the bathroom equipment on the necessary place and check if there is enough length of pipes. On the floor mark the attachment points.

How to install a bidet seat equipment

The edges of the equipment, which are adjacent to the floor surface, should be additionally treated with silicone.

How to install a bidet seat in modern bathroom

Connection to the sewage system

Sewer pipes should be prepared in advance. It is important to make the wiring so that the hose attachment points are just around the bidet. The shorter pipes you have, the better your system will work.

How to install a bidet seat in your bathroom

Open tubes provide an excellent opportunity to find out a leak in time and to make its quick repair. But in most cases water and sewage systems are hidden inside the wall behind the plastic or gypsum panels.

How to install a bidet seat luxury sprayer

Sometimes the connection of the bidet to the sewage is made after all pipes have been already hidden in the wall. On the surface we can see only 3 remaining outputs – one for sink and two for hot and cold water. Attach the hose to the water supply system and discharge pipe should be inserted into the sewer pipe socket.

How to install a bidet seat panel

The final stage involves testing by the water supply.

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