Charcoal granite stone sink

Stone sinks and the secret of their popularity

Bathroom design should be as harmonious and aesthetic as it is possible. Its atmosphere should really promote some relaxation. Why? – The answer is quite simple. – In our houses this room is specially designed for cleaning the body as well as the soul.

Corner gray stone sink

No doubt, the sink is considered to be one of the main elements. – You see, it usually draws the guests’ attention and the owners use this item very often.


Stone sink not only gives the bathroom a unique look, it also brings a feeling of cleanliness and comfort, representing some wealth. History knows a lot of examples, when in ancient times the natural stone was used in the premises for hygiene of rich Romans and Greeks. Such buildings as palaces, baths and spas were obligatory equipped with marble sinks.

Custom stone sink

So it is no wonder that our contemporaries usually want to set the stone sinks in their home bathroom. Who does not want to feel himself like a royal person? – And of course, the luxurious marble sink looks much better than the ordinary and so boring item made of stainless steel.

Drop-shaped stone sink

In addition, according to the specialists’ point of view water and stone are the most natural combination. There is a special belief that creating the proper room energy they are able to give people health and longevity.

Elegant stone sink

The production of stone sinks started in ancient times and has continued up to the present day.

Exclusive stone sink yellow

A long time ago people began to use the special stone bowls of natural origin for water treatment. Later they learned how to carve this material. Nowadays the technology of natural stone bathroom sink production has already reached the heights when the skill craftsmen are able to create the real masterpieces and the unique works of art. In addition, the stone sinks are extremely functional.

Exclusive black stone sink

Those who are going to make any kind of bathroom equipment usually use such materials as marble, onyx and granite. The first material in the list allows you to create amazing and really beautiful products, and the last one (granite) is considered to be the most durable and reliable.

Granite stone bathroom sinks

According to their structure, stone sinks can be laid on or built in. Table tops are usually made not only of the same material but also of natural wood. A variety of designs is amazing and lets you set the stone sink in the bathroom, decorated in almost any style.

Granite stone sink

It should be noted that all the models have their individual differences in size, weight and color. But these parameters only give them some thrilling charm. Natural and difficult to process the material does not allow to create the standard products.

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