Removing and setting a tub

Some tips how to remove a cast iron tub

It’s a common knowledge that during the overhaul we need to keep all the items of bathroom equipment away.

How to install your bathtub

Now let’s discover how to remove a cast iron tub. This stage is considered to be one of the most labor-intensive. It also should be noted that the old bathtub removal is a very difficult activity.

How to remove a cas iron tub results

Preliminary stage

As it was mentioned away before starting the cast iron tub removal, you should take all unnecessary items away. Of course, we mean not only such things as shelves and cabinets, but also about the plumbing. First of all, it is necessary to remove the bathroom sink, to dismantle the faucets, if you have a bathroom unit it will be required to remove also a toilet.

How to remove a cast iron tub

How to prepare a bathroom for cast iron tub removing

Of course, according to the specialists’ point of view first of all it would be better to take the door from its hinges. What for? The matter is that you can scratch it easily in the process of cast iron tub removal.

How to remove the telgs of your bathroom

In any case, you can try to protect the door, covered it with a soft cloth.



New plastic pipes tend to be separated rather easily.

How to remove your bathroom how many people

Generally, if you need to remove acrylic or steel bathtub, there are no any special problems, because this bathroom equipment is considered to be relatively lightweight. But you should be rather careful with cast iron tubs.

How to remove your bathtub at home

If after the repair you are going to install the same bathtub, it is recommended to be careful and to try not to damage or scratch its surface.

How to remove your cast iron tub romoving

Features of removing cast iron tub

If you have a steel or acrylic bathtub there are no or rare problems during its removal, but the question of how to remove a cast iron tub is really very difficult, especially, if this tub has been installed decades ago.

Removing a bath

If the bath is not attached to the bathroom wall or if the laying is unstable, the procedure is as follows:

  • Cast iron siphon is cut off from the sewage system.
  • Then you need to check the reliability of the mounting legs. And in the case of necessity to strengthen the weakened connection.
  • You can now perform your basic tasks, which is to raise the bath to a vertical position and install it to the wall opposite the one on which you have already set your faucet.
  • Now we need to catch the bath to the upper legs and to lean it against the wall. Ready? – After that it is a high time to hook a bath on the lower legs and to draw it away from the wall to the distance, which gives it stability.
  • When lifting the bath in a vertical position you must be rather careful, as it can move along the slippery tiles and it will be impossible to catch.
  • To reduce the risk of such an accident, put some non-skid pads under the edge of the bath. For example, you can take a rubber mat.

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Removing a cast iron tub

Removing and setting a tub

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