Bathroom makeover ideas on a budget

Some tips for small bathroom plans

Frankly speaking small bathroom plans< are considered to be the most difficult ones. Why? – The matter is that, you have to pay attention to a great number of different things, which can seem to be the minute ones at the first sight.


Of course, we are not able to live without a bathroom.

Detailed small bathroom plans

But in any case we want to have a convenient and comfortable room for each family member. – And it is not surprising as our bathroom is a place where we not only carry out our hygienic procedures, but also relax and rest after a hard working day.

Floor plans for small bathroom with shower

Therefore bathroom design should perform several functions.

Free small bathroom floor plans

Here is a list of some useful bathroom makeover ideas:

  • Instead of a large tiles that will only emphasize the small premise it will be better to use the small ones or mosaic;
  • Try to create the smooth areas. Vertical and horizontal lines shouldn’t cut space and the joints shouldn’t be seen. To achieve it use the matching filling paste.
  • If you have decided to take the mosaic instead of tiles, it will be better not to experiment with ornaments. It is really rather difficult to create any big picture and the small ones will bring the atmosphere of a chaos and some mess on the walls.
  • In order to enlarge visually the bathroom space, you can use there a mirror.
  • Those who are not going to conceal the space shouldn’t do any curbs in the bathroom. They will be unsuitable even in that case when they are matching the floor and the walls. This decoration method is not for small rooms.
  • In order not to clutter up the bathroom with all sorts of jars and bottles with cosmetics and detergents, organize a small cabinet under the sink, it will hide all these “utensils”.
  • Cast iron or ceramic bath can be replaced by a corner shower. It will help to save a lot of place. In addition, if you choose a cabin with deep tray, it will be possible to sit waist-deep in the water as in the bath.
  • The space above the bathroom doorway can also be used. For example, you can arrange there a boiler, some shelves or a towel dryer.

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Bathroom makeover ideas on a budget

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