Bathroom Decor Tables

Small bathroom tables for storing miscellaneous

Small bathroom tables are convenient compact furniture units with shelves and storages. These cute units are often used as dressing tables, and there is a very slight difference beween a classic bathroom table, a compact vanity and a traditional dresser.

Bathroom Dressing Tables Ideas

These bathroom tables with drawers may replace a vanity in a small bathroom or become a comfortable additional unit in a more spacious room.

Bathroom Dressing Tables

Depending on a bathroom design, thsre tables are made for rustic interiors and made from unfinished wood, vintage (wooden and metal units), shabby chic style rooms.

Bathroom End Tables

Modern glass bathroom tables enlarge visually the bathroom space even if you keep many items on these tables. Very often these tables are placed close to bath tubs and toilets. They can store toilet paper, magazines, napkins and air fresheners.

Bathroom Laptop Table

The wicked baskets and drawers help to keep at hand hygienic stuff which can be urgently needed in this room. Cute small bathroom tables which are made of wood, glass or metal are the greatest helpers when you apply make-up, comb your hair or try a new outfit on.

Bathroom Reading Table

Very ofen mirrors are used together with these tables – a largest one is mounted over this furniture unit and the smalles one is placed on the tabletop.

Bathroom Side Tables

Larger bathroom tables for sinks store there additional stuff which is used at home – cleaning solutions, detergents, rubbing alcohol and whatnot. The drawers of various bathroom tables may keep small towels for face and boxes with band-aid.

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