Coastal Cottage Bathroom Vanities

Shopping for beautiful cottage bathroom vanities

Beautiful wooden cottage bathroom vanities with countertops made from marble attract with their snow-white elegance. Looking so sleek, they are absolutely practical units which can store inside almost all necessary things you use in your bathroom.

Cottage Bath Vanity White

The “average” (if this word can be used here) vanity in bathroom in cottage style is a light piece of furniture with a small sink in it. Such a vanity always has many drawers. Even the largest storage space can be less than the volume which all the storages of the unit take.

Cottage Bathroom Sink Vanity

A small vanity has at least 4 drawers, and large 60 inch vanities may feature 8 and more drawers and sections to keep there small towels, shampoo, cosmetics, bottles with perfume, mirrors, combs, brushes and other useful items.

Cottage Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When you shop for bathroom vanities, take your time. As a good high quality furniture unit is a pretty pricy stuff, it makes sense if you find the place with sales and closeouts organized. Shopping for these units, plan it, and do not be spontaneous. Find the stores online to compare the prices and check if they offer some deals.

Cottage Bathroom Vanity Lights

There is no need to visit all the places which sell the vanities, but do it coming at least to two-three stores and warehouses. You have to see the furniture and touch it before you make a final choice. some of the popular stores which offer their product online have retailers all over the country.

Cottage Bathroom Vanity Set

KraftMaid vanities, for example are available at Home Depot and Lowe’s stores.

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