Bathroom Sinks In Stone

Real stone and faux stone sinks bathroom ideas

Today the stone sinks bathroom ideas offer using the sinks which are made of faux stone. It looks almost the same like natural stone , but cost times less. Even hundreds of years ago stone bathroom vessel sinks were available only for elite.

Cultured Stone Bathroom Sinks

They were used in palaces and houses of wealthy people. To have a sink of marble at home was prestigious. Today this stuff, especially if it is made of marble or jasper is also very pricey.

Large Stone Bathroom Sinks

The new technologies let working out the special materials which resemble real stone and even have almost the same characteristics – durability and water resistance. Such cute vanity sink bowls add stylish elegance and expensive look to your bathroom. There are popular brands of these units which are in trend today. These designers faux stone sinks are expensive.

Natural Stone Sinks Bathroom

However most of the stores offer the affordable vessels and bath sink cabinets for everybody who want to have such a sink at home.The elegant small bathroom vanities with sink feature a small bowl-like vessel which is mounted on the top of a vanity.

Rectangular Stone Bathroom Sinks

It is used only to wash face, hands and brush teeth. These ‘bowls” have lovely designs and decorate bathrooms is a convenient and comfortable way.

Rustic Stone Bathroom Sinks

Depending on the material used for a bathroom sink – faux stone or travertine, onyx, granite and marble the prices for these units very from extremely expensive ones offered in elite designers stores and studios to cheap discounted, but sturdy sinks available in stores.

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Small Stone Bathroom Sinks

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