Light stone vessel sink

Peculiar features of stone vessel sinks

A sink in our bathroom is not just a boring wash basin. Of course, not! According to the specialists’ point of view, it’s a real act of creation. Do you want to have an original room? – No problems, but you should follow some simple rules.

Interesting shape of stone vessel sink

In the modern market your choice of stone vessel sinks is really endless. But as a rule many people often doubt whether they have made the right choice.

Light stone vessel sink

What shall we start with? – First of all, you have to decide what kind of stone vessel sink you need for your bathroom. And only after that you can read our tips, revealing all the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Mirror and natural stone vessel sink

This type is mounted just on the table top. And this fact makes it so special. – In general there are some kinds of sinks which are slightly deepened inside, so their setting will be different and in most cases easier.


But what are the pros and cons of this model? Let’s find out.

Moderate natural stone vessel sink


Like no other types, this sink is installed just on the table top. It should look perfectly, as it will be the focal point of the bathroom. In the case of necessity, you can even pour a plenty of water inside, for example, for washing some small clothes.

Natural stone vessel sink in two tones


Stone vessel sink is high enough, and usually it is set on the table top. So it automatically means that only an adult will be able to reach it. Therefore if you have a child living in this house or flat, it will be necessary either to set tall vanity with worktop lower or to leave this idea apart. It’s really up to you to decide.

Natural stone vessel sink of interesting shape

For stone vessel sink the mixing faucet could be a perfect addition to the bathroom, created in any style from classic to the contemporary one. In order to achieve this goal you should combine it with the popular materials such as glass, wood and metal.

Natural stone vessel sinks

A standard mixing faucet may not be high enough for its elimination over the edge, so it will be necessary to take a special model used for wall mounting or for the vessel sinks.

Original stone vessel sink

Faucets for vessel sinks are usually fixed on the adjacent surface, while the wall-mounting means that the tube as well as the main part will be hidden inside the wall, which is not always possible.

Oval stone vessel sinks

As the surface of the stone vessel sink does not have any pre-prepared holes for faucet mounting, you can choose any position you like in order to achieve ​​comfort and the best design of your bathroom.

Round natural vessel sink

Of course, it seems obvious that the best position the faucet is at the center of the sink. But why not to move it from the focal position and not to located on the side? Its elegant shape will be definitely the design highlight.

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