Custom Corner Shower Stalls

Ordering your custom shower stalls

When you like everything unusual and want your home looking more personal, you should choose the custom shower stalls. It becomes a must when your bathroom area differs a bit from the standard one.

Custom Corner Shower Stalls

For example, you can have a very narrow or, vice versa, a huge bathroom. Therefore, each of these variants demands its own custom shower enclosures.

Custom Fiberglass Shower Stalls

Today the stores offer the services of customizing the shower units they deal with. You can order any stall dimensions. The custom shower cabin which you order will cost a bit more than the standard variant of a unit the store deals with.

Custom Fit Shower Stalls

But you can be sure – nobody has the same one. When your bathroom is small in its size, pick up a corner custom made shower cubicle. It will save place even in a very tidy bathroom, but provide you with a comfortable place where you will take your water procedures.

Custom Made Shower Stalls

If you are lucky to have a larger bathroom and need something special there, pick up the variant of a 3 piece shower stalls. It can be a custom made tile base with tile walls. Choosing a spacious unit as a shower, install a seat inside your cabin. It will make your water fun more enjoyable and comfortable.

Custom Shower Door Enclosures

Relax under the warm pleasant water streams sitting on the bench or a plastic stool. Do not forget that you can mount a grab bar inside the shower stall. It will also add more convenience to the unit. Place an anti-slippery rug on the shower floor. It will protect you from accident falls and injuries.

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