Framing One Piece Shower Stall

One piece shower stalls installation

The installation and maintenance of one piece shower stalls are much easier than the work with custom made shower units. Any one piece shower enclosure may be installed even by a person with no professional plumbing skills.

Framing One Piece Shower Stall

If you follow the advice and tips given in the shower unit you bought you will succeed. It won’t only save the money which could be spent for a hired contractor.

Oasis One Piece Shower Stalls

The experience with installation of a one piece shower cabin will teach you how to fix the existing problems with plumbing fixtures, refresh your knowledge of working with tools and dealing with all kinds of DIY projects.

One Piece Acrylic Shower Stalls

If you buy a one-piece unit, you should remember that although the installation is easy (in comparison with a custom shower), the shower unit is heavy. Therefore you have to call a helper – somebody from your family or your friends. Another “must” when installing one piece shower cubicles is accuracy.

One Piece Domed Shower Stall

The shower stalls installed wrong may start peeling away from the walls of the room. In time the whole construction will get the deformation which will lead to the shower leaks and even its destruction.

One Piece Fiberglass Tub Shower Stalls

Therefore take your time when working at the project and check regularly if you go in a correct direction.When choosing a brand of a unit to install in your bathroom, trust the companies checked by time – for example, Kohler with its stunning products or Lasco shower stalls. Over 50 years of Lasco experience prove – these shower stalls are reliable.

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