Interior cast iron clawfoot tub

Necessary information about cast iron clawfoot tub

Recently, the bathtubs on legs have stopped to be an exotic piece of bathroom furniture. They as well as special decorative claw feet can easily be purchased at any specialized store.

Cast iron clawfoot tub in large living room

Frankly speaking, clawfoot tub accessories can be very different: adjustable and ordinary, plain or with original design. Moreover, according to the specialists’ point of view if necessary you can even create them by your own hands at home.

Contemporary cast iron clawfoot tub

By the way, the clawfoot legs of the cast iron tub have not always played the role of necessary support. Sometimes, this bathroom equipment, set on the unusual legs, becomes a bathroom decoration, some designer item, not just a vessel for washing. Typically, such a beautiful view is created a bath on lion or clawfoot legs.

Contrast cast iron clawfoot tub

These clawfoot bathtubs have become already the classics ones and haven’t been going out of fashion for many years.  And if you add to them the latest technologies: hydro-massage, anti-slip bottom and the other, the bathtub will acquire a totally new status and a large number of advantages.

Contrast shades of cast iron clawfoot tub

Basically, these baths are set in the center of the spacious room, and they bring a special tone and atmosphere for the entire bathroom.

Double slipper cast iron clawfoot tub

Decorative claw feet are often made of bronze and look like antique ones. Sometimes they are also decorated with original flowers or mythical animals. The cast iron clawfoot bathtub suits perfectly even a modern bathroom, as well as the bathroom performed in the old style.


Are you looking for some new clawfoot tub accessories? Would you like to have something like this in your house or apartment? – We are going to give you some tips then.

Exclusive cast iron clawfoot tub

It is really important not only to put a bathtub on the beautiful legs, but also to choose these accessories wisely. In this case they should be chosen very carefully. Otherwise, you will spoil the overall view of your bathroom.

Golden cast iron clawfoot tub

But that it not everything. – You should mind that the interior of your bathroom must be made in the same style.

Interior cast iron clawfoot tub

All in all there are several types of the clawfoot tubs:

·                    cast iron clawfoot bathtubs;

·                    steel clawfoot tubs;

·                    acrylic clawfoot bathtubs.

Large cast iron clawfoot tub
All of them are rather different because of the material used for their production, but at the same time all these models have one common feature: they are ready to bring a special atmosphere to your houses or apartments, no matter how small or large they are.

More photos

Modern cast iron clawfoot tub

Ordinary cast iron clawfoot tub

Plain cast iron clawfoot tub

Side look cast iron clawfoot tub

Two-shade cast iron clawfoot tub

Upper look cast iron clawfoot tub

Vintage cast iron clawfoot tub

White cast iron clawfoot tub with silver foot

White cast iron clawfoot tub

Arrangement of cast iron clawfoot tub

Bright cast iron clawfoot tub

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