Mobile Home Shower Enclosure Kits

Mobile home shower stalls – which one to choose?

The choice of mobile home shower stalls differs a bit from the situation when you buy a shower unit for your house or an apartment.

Mobile Home Shower Enclosure Kits

In contrast with usual houses mobile homes have no foundation, therefore any construction must not be heavy. The heavy weight of shower stalls kits may cause the damage of the home floor and even the walls deformation.

Mobile Home Shower Faucet

Taking into account that the average lifespan of a mobile house is 20-25 years, the mobile home shower enclosures must not be ultra durable and extra sturdy.

Mobile Home Shower Pan

You should not pick the variant with tile walls and floors exactly through the construction weight and lifespan. It will be naturally to order prefabricated shower stalls for mobile homes.

Acrylic and fiberglass units will work well. However, if you install the shower into a new home, it will be better to prefer an acrylic mobile home shower cubicle. The fiberglass unit may need a replacement in several years, and white the replacement works the floors can be damaged. This should not happen. Therefore better choose new acrylic units for new mobile homes.

Mobile Home Shower Stall Base

However, if it happened you live in a pretty old housing and mobile home age is over 10 or even 15 years, fiberglass shower stall choice will be a reasonable choice.

Mobile Home Shower Stall Doors

It is cheap and the installation is easy. The construction is lightweight as well. As a variant some mobile home owners install summer shower stalls in their yards. It is very convenient, especially if you live in a warm place.

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