Exclusive portable bidet

Main features of portable bidet

Portable bidet is much more hygienic and effective than regular toilet paper. This device is ideal for maintaining proper hygiene after using the toilet.

Bottle portable bidet

Up to the present moment this is the best version of the traditional bidet, which is able to provide a proper cleaning control aw well as regulated water flow.

Elements of portable bidet

Having a portable bidet, a person can completely forget about the toilet paper. All that he or she will needed is a dry towel.

Elements portable bidet

By the way, a portable bidet has become popular because of the convenient way to its installation. In order to fix it, the owner does not need any help of professionals. Even an ordinary person is able to do it.


Many customers say that there is a double benefit of its using. First of all, in this case you will be able to save a sum of money. And the idea of having an eco-friendly bathroom equipment is also rather pleasant.

Empty portable bidet

Nowadays many people do everything possible in order to protect the environment. If all over the world everybody used a portable bidet instead of toilet paper, a lot of trees wouldn’t be cut.

Exclusive portable bidet

Let’s try to summarize the information mntioned above. So, getting a portable bidet, you:

  • get an opportunity to use one of the most effective ways to achieve personal hygiene;
  • do not need any toilet paper, saving significant amounts of money;
  • prevent inflammatory hemorrhoid processes that occur, as a rule, when you are using toilet paper;
  • are able to wash you toilet easily and simply, using a sprayer of portable bidet;
  • take part in the preservation of the planet’s forests.

Fixable portable bidet

In general, there are not many models of portable bidets, so if you are going to buy this bathroom equipment, you should pay close attention to some of the nuances.


Taps must be perfectly regulated and provide the necessary pressure in the water supply.

Healthcare portable bidet


Mind the fact that the pipes are not always included in the cheaper model kits. In this case, you will have to buy them. Typically, the pipes are made of soft PVC. The more expensive and high-quality models are made of stainless steel.

Interior portable bidet

The material in general

Of course, the material from which the portable bidet is made is very important. And it affects not only the appearance of the device, but also its quality and the service life.

Ordinary portable bidet

Most sprayers are made of durable plastic, which are covered with chromium. As a result, this bathroom equipment will serve you for a long time without breaking or scratching.

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