Contemporary bathroom single vanity

Let’s choose the bathroom single vanity

Bathroom single vanity is one of the relatively new solutions in the organization of the bathroom interior. In the recent past there were no any vanities under the sink. The people didn’t set them, because they had to leave the pipes available. Occasionally the bathroom single vanity was made personally by the owners, but in that case the result was far from modern ideas about the stylish design.


In today’s world of comfort and style, ergonomics and aesthetics play a big role in creating the bathroom interior. Designers and manufacturers are doing everything possible to offer you a variety of comfortable and practical solutions.

Contemporary bathroom single vanity

The foundations of bathroom single vanity selection should be based on a desire to create a functional and aesthetic space around the place where you spend half an hour every day. First of all it should be comfortable. Then in most cases such an important element has to be compact for bathroom interior. And then, of course, everything should be beautiful as to its appearance.

Cool bathroom single vanity

Any bathroom single vanity is a competent designer thoughtful combination of convenience and attractive exterior.

Dark gray bathroom single vanity

Choosing of this bathroom equipment should be carried out rather carefully. That is why it is strongly recommended to take into account the following parameters:

  • dimensions;
  • materials;
  • shape of the sink;
  • style;
  • cost and other parameters

3 secrets of the correct choice

Decorative bathroom single vanity

What does the ideal bathroom single vanity mean? Let’s discover some important questions.

  • Any high-quality bathroom furniture is made from special water-resistant materials.
  • You should find a good shop with certified quality products.
  • Good bathroom single vanity will hide all the pipes and give the room a special aesthetic charm.

If you have a small bathroom, a rational decision will be to furnish it with compact pieces of furniture.

Gray bathroom single vanity

Choosing furniture for your bathroom, pay attention to the sinks, which should be combined with a vanity. It’s really convenient, and many customers have already appreciated the practicality of such an arrangement. Inside this bathroom vanity you can keep all the means for cleaning and personal care.

High tech bathroom single vanity

The modern market offers a great range of bathroom vanity. They can be different as to the following parameters:

  • dimensions (depth, height);
  • one or two swing doors;
  • with shelves or drawers;
  • multifunctional so called bathing complex and other options.

More photos

Ideas for bathroom single vanity

Ivory-colored bathroom single vanity

Light bathroom single vanityMarble bathroom single vanity

Rustic bathroom single vanity

Saturated bathroom single vanityTile bathroom single vanity

White bathroom single vanityWood bathroom single vanity

Wooden bathroom single vanity

Modern bathroom single vanityInspirated bathroom single vanityAmuzing bathroom single vanity

Antique bathroom single vanity

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