French toilet seat

Jacob Delafon – a typical type of French toilets

Of course, there is a great variety of different types of French toilets, but now we would like to tell about the most popular ones. Contemporary models Jacob Delafon are considered to be the most amazing. Why? – Because of their own distinctive characteristics, of course.

Commercial French toilets

Talking like that we are taking into account their design, dimensions, and features of installation and operation.

Eco-friendly French toilet paper holder

Let’s discuss everything depending on the following parameters of French for toilet.

French toilet paper holder

Installation mode


This is the classic version, the most common type of sanitary devices used in modern apartments and houses. Ceramic floor toilets do not require the using of any special mounting devices and are easy to maintain and to operate.

French toilet in restroom


This is the true achievement of modern toilet plumbing. When you are installing a hanging toilet, the cistern is mounted in a special niche in the wall with the help of the installation system. These constructions are considered the most available. Despite their apparent fragility, they are able to withstand loads up to 400 kg.

French toilet in commercial premise

Wall attachable

The choice of wall attachable white toilets can significantly extend the range of design solutions used in the bathrooms. The adjacent decorative panel lets you hide all the communication and wall disadvantages formed after installation.

French toilet interior design

Water flushing mode

One-button mechanism

In this case, the flushing process is started with just one click. When the water in the cistern entirely ends the flushing will stop on its own.

French toilet seat

Two-buttons mechanism

This system saves water and allows you to not contaminate sewer by excessive floats. Pressing one button you will use 2-4 liters of water, the other – 6-8 liter.

French toilet style decoration

It should also be noted that the required toilet flushing construction – vertical, horizontal, angled – is taken depending on the configuration that is already provided in the house.


Toilet bowl installation

The installation is represented by construction, allowing you to attach and connect your toilet securely to the sewage system.

French toilet typical look for commercial premises

Framework installation is an independent structure, fixed to the floor and the wall of any shape. It is a system of rigid metal frames, on which pipes, fittings, etc are installed. Floor is taken the main load.

French toilet seat demensions

Toilet seat

Nowadays, taking care of customers comfort the manufacturers create a lot of cover-heated seats. Some toilet seats are equipped with lifter mechanism or “gradual lowering”.

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Interesting French toilet paper holder

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