How to reglaze a bathtub a process

How to reglaze a bathtub?

Sooner or later, all the bathtub enamel becomes thinner, gets the indelible rust stains, and the owner reluctantly says that it is time to change the bathroom equipment.

How to reglaze a bathtub a process

This complicated procedure is very time consuming, so many people are trying to renovate their old cast-iron tub. They constantly ask whether it is really possible. Of course, it is.


Despite the fact that the appearance of such a tub is poor, the construction has the whole range of operational characteristics. Therefore, the restoration should involve the new enamel covering. Modern technologies allow to do it.

How to reglaze a bathtub at home

The most obvious solution is a replacement of bathroom equipment. Does it cost a lot? – No matter, it does. Let’s count. For example, to the cost of the bath we should add the cost of its transportation and if it is required the lifting to the floor.

How to reglaze a bathtub by your own hands

Also some money is required to pay for the dismantling of old equipment and installation of new. It is only in the case when the wall and floor covering will not be damaged during assembly work. Otherwise you’ll have to pay more for a partial renovation of the bathroom.

How to reglaze a bathtub easily

However, it is important to choose the proper restoration way.

How to reglaze a bathtub in a small bathroom

Do you know how to re-glaze a bathtub? – For this there are three ways:

  • the bath acrylic covering;

The cast iron bathtub restoration by the way of acrylic “pouring” is considered one of the easiest. This is a fairly new technique that has gained popularity among the consumers.

How to reglaze a bathtub needs restoration

It consists in applying a liquid solution of acrylic by pouring it onto the surface of the bathroom equipment.

  • setting a new layer of enamel on the surface;

That is the oldest method of restoration. It reminds slightly a painting, but you should understand clearly that in this case you have to use a special kind of enamel. It is necessary to choose it wondering what is able to paint cast-iron bath. All in all there are two types of compositions: for professional application and for amateur one.

How to reglaze a bathtub yourself

The first ones are very liquid and require the setting in multiple layers. This is a fairly complicated procedure. The second ones are denser and thus easier to be used.

  • installation of acrylic liner.

That is a name for the method of restoration, which is represented by using a special liner that should be set inside the old structure and repeat its contours.

How to reglaze a colored bathtub

The liner is mounted on special adhesive foam. If you have done the proper works, your bathtub will serve you more than 15 years.

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How to reglaze a bathtub a process of restoration

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