How to paint a bathroom at home

How to paint your bathtub in a proper way

How to paint a bathtub? Can I do it without somebody’s help? – These are the questions, which can be asked by many people all over the world.

How to paint a bathroom by your own

The specialists are sure that you can do it without any problems, but not with the usual floor paint, of course. If you take this kind of paint, your recovery covering will disappear in a month, and a bathtub will look terribly.


Recovery method causes a lot of different arguments, because everything depends on the conditions of bathtub using. – Some people have this layer from 3 to 5 years old, the other – just two years. And, of course, it depends on the implementation quality.

How to paint a bathroom carefully

How to paint a bathtub by special paint?

How to paint a bathroom in different shades

Let’s discover

Surface for painting preparation

A surface preparation plays a very important role, as it is a basement for future covering level. That is why you should pay this process special attention. Surface preparation for painting the bath includes a set of operations. First of all for optimal application of a paint layer you need to degrease the bathtub surface and to clean it.

How to paint a bathroom in tender shades

In order to prepare the bath surface for the painting you need to do the following:

  •              Degreasing

From the very beginning, clean the surface by a good detergent. Then wash your bath with a hot water and rub it. You need to perform the procedure once again.

  •              Dressing at home

How to paint a bathroom outside

This activity is carried out in order to remove the fat from the enamel layer. Usually it corrodes inside and smoothes the surface, creating an optimal surface roughness for the new enamel application. A day later degrease the surface again. But this time wash with acetone and leave for five minutes.

How to paint a bathroom

Painting bath with the help of enamel

It is not recommended to buy enamel in aerosol containers, it is not known for what reasons but the applied enamel can be used for about a year, and then begins to crumble. And no matter how well degreasing and cleaning have been carried out before.

How to paint a clawfoot in your bathroom

How to paint the bathtub inside

Before the procedure, put a container under the drain. Otherwise your acrylic would be spill on the floor. You just need to apply it evenly on the bathtub sides. As a rule it runs down and fills all the roughness of the old surface of the bath.

How to paint a corner bathroom

This method of paining a bathtub is considered to be the easiest one. And if you have not previously encountered with the restoration of the bath surface at home, it will be the best choice. Only thing you need to take into account is that the acrylic has a weak adhesion, so it can poorly adheres to the old enamel. Due to the fact that it fills the old enamel, it is kept due to the surface roughness.

How to paint a white bathroom

The slightest scratches lead to the fact that it begins to be washed away with water and with each taking baths. In order to prevent such washing it is recommended to apply several layers of acrylic, and in this case it will be hard to scratch.

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How to paint your bathroom

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