Bidet attachment for disabled people

How to organize bidet and its attachments

Nowadays it has become possible to suspend any bathroom equipment with the help of special installation systems, which serve as supporting structures for heavy objects.

Comfortable bidet attachment

So let’s look at the benefits of the wall bidets, and try to find some disadvantages if there are any.


It is believed that the built-in bidet attachments as well as the device itself take up less space, but it is not true. The matter is that its depth varies from 12 to 22 cm. To this we must add the thickness of the plasterboard lining, to what you should place your installation.

Details of bidet attachment

The depth of the bidet is usually up to 52 cm, thus the total depth of the whole construction is 72 cm. That is the same as a conventional non-insertable device has.

Easy bidet attachment

Therefore, in the small bathrooms, where there is no access to the sewers, it is more convenient to use the ordinary models from 54 to 62 cm.

Safety factor

Fixing system should be chosen rather carefully, as it has to carry the largest load. Modern installations can withstand up to 400 kg! The main thing is set it properly.

Easy installation of bidet attachment

The modification depends on the type of wall junction. Main wall is able to carry all the structure. But the installation systems for supporting walls and partitions should be additionally attached to the floor in order to relieve the wall as much as possible. The same matter concerns the bidet attachments.

How does a bidet attachment look like

The set construction is “sewn up”. The only thing you will be able to see is the rectangular opening for the proper access to the hidden cistern mechanism. This hole is closed with a decorative panel on which a discharge button arranges.

Hybrid bidet attachment

What is better a floor or a wall bidet?

That is a modern dilemma. What bidet is better, a floor or a wall one? Of course, everything depends on the particular situation and personal preferences. For example, hotels are now equipped with wall bidet on default. There their use is certainly justified, because under the bowl there is unoccupied floor that is easy to be cleaned. Behind the floor bidet there is a so called “dead” zone, which is hardly accessible for cleaning.

Modern bidet attachment

Wall bidet: unquestionable advantages

Today, manufacturers offer hybrid models, which are represented by hanging toilet bowls-bidets, equipped with the latest technologies of bidet attachment. In addition to the sensor they have air cleaning systems, automatic cleaning nozzle, built-in heater, adjustable hair dryer, toilet seat and lid with a function of smooth lowering, remote control with LCD display.

Ordinary bidet attachment
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Bidet attachment for disabled people

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