Funny shower stall liner

How to choose a proper shower stall liner

It is no secret that the shower stall liners have been created in order to prevent the water dropping outside the tub or shower. That is their main purpose. But if you choose this bathroom element properly, it will also be a perfect decoration for this premise.

Contemporary shower stall liner

As a rule, buying curtains, you will be offered several kinds of this product. There are many reasons for it. Firstly, the curtains are made of a different material.  Nowadays the most common are considered to be the plastic ones.


Also we can’t but mention that I general it is not easy to choose these curtains for the bathroom. Why? The problem is in the huge range of sizes and colors. The specialized shops will propose you a great variety of them: from plain to ornamented, and from one-colored to the bright ones.

Extra long shower stall liner

All you need is to adapt new curtain for your home decor. Another important advantage of plastic curtains is their relatively low price.

Funny shower stall liner

But, of course, there are more expensive, but at the same time more reliable and practical types, which can be used as a real decoration for your bathroom. Usually these products are made from several materials: leather and polyester, vinyl and eco-friendly PVC-free one.

Light brown shower stall liner

These curtains can be purchased easily, you can choose them immediately after you find out the style and type of your bathtub, which can be normal or corner. The curtains can be washed in the washing machine at t = 40 ° C. You can also bleach them with chlorine and iron them.

Light shower stall liner

When you are choosing curtains for the bathroom, pay attention to the way they open and close. For example, you can buy a static curtain, which can’t be regulated. Such curtains are represented by attached wall that protects the room from the water flow.

Modern shower stall liner

Or you may give your preference to the shower stall liner, which can be adjusted if desired. This becomes possible due to the special structure of the construction. As a rule, they generally do not consist of one, but of several sections, the number of which is directly proportional to the size of a bathtub. In the case of necessity, these curtains can be simply folded, increasing in such a way the size of the room.

Mosaic shower stall liner

Purchasing the shower stall liner for the bathroom, do not forget to buy rings and a bar for curtains. Pay attention to all these accessories.

Navy shower stall liner

The range is usually represented by colored plastic and chrome rings. Bars also differ in shape and length. There are straight and curved bar, the retention mechanism of which is springy. Choosing accessories for curtains, do not forget to follow your design decisions.

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