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How much does bathtub liner cost?

Podium bathtub is a classic element of modern bathrooms design. Intricate curved lines, multiple steps, flat areas with bathtubs… Pleasure, romance and comfort. Great picture, isn’t it? But as a rule these designs require large areas, and that is a reason why you are not able to have them in the majority of typical apartments.

Beautiful bathroom liner cost

But sometimes we are longing to create this construction even in the small room. Frankly speaking, podium or bathtub liner, cost of which is rather moderate, first of all is an element that ensures the convenience of bathroom equipment using, and only after that a perfect design method.

Bright bathroom liner

As a rule we need a bathtub liner when we have already done the replanning of our bathroom, having transferred the bathtub and toilet sink is a considerable distance from each other.  Of course, sometimes you can use a tub liner for aesthetic reasons, but it won’t be a good decision in the small premise.

Creation of bathroom liner

In most cases the liner shape and form are elaborated by designers in cooperation with the bathroom owners.

Curtains and bathroom liner

The necessary materials

In contrast to the liner, arranged in a dry place, for your bathroom it is recommended to use quite other materials, for example, plasterboard on a metal frame, bricks and blocks (cinder or concrete).

Enclosed bathroom liner

Advantages of plasterboard liner, as well as other structures are established by easy and fast installation, the absence of wet processes, light weight design. Of course, in the bathroom we can use only water-resistant materials.

Exclusive bathroom liner

However, the podium bathtub weighs much, and that is why it will be better to build a reliable liner of bricks or blocks from the very beginning.The only disadvantage of these materials is that they are much heavier. But for small spaces it is not critical.

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 Different liner types and the main features of their installation

Liner for a small bathroom

In this case, a liner should be small and look like a single step to help get into the bathtub. Mind that you should have some free space between your tub and the bathroom walls. In the small bathroom the liner size should not be more than half the floor space.


Liner for a large bathroom

First of all we can’t but mention that this construction can easily mask all the drain pipes arranged below the bathtub. In this case, you can set the differences in floor level. By the way you can create some of them. Large tub liner costs differently, it depends on the size and material.

Gray bathroom liner

Liner in the country two or three-storey building

In this case it is possible to make a floor with a wide base. Bathtub will be a “sunk” one. These liners can’t be more than 30 cm in height. But in order to make such podium in your bathroom you need to raise a floor level.

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