Exciting cast iron tub weight

How much does a cast iron tub weigh?

In this article you will learn about the cast-iron baths and their advantages and disadvantages. First of all we will tell you about cast iron tub weigh and the pros and cons of this bathroom equipment because of the feature mentioned above.

Custom cast iron tub weight
As to its quality cast iron tubs is out of competition. Nowadays they are very popular even with rather naughty consumers, and the demand for them remains fairly stable, as the strength and durability of cast iron bathtubs are much higher as compared with other baths.

Exciting cast iron tub weight
It has only one nuance, which is embarrassing the person very often. – This bathroom equipment seems to be rather heavy. And it is really heavy indeed.

Exclusive cast iron tub weight
But nowadays can we consider this feature to be a disadvantage? Let’s try to discover.

Fantastic cast iron tub weight
Of course, by careful selection we take into account many different parameters, including weight. – A cast iron tub can have suitable size and shape, but its mass can significantly impede the transportation.

Heavy cast iron tub weight
20 years ago when people wanted to equip their house or apartment they bought the typical 150×70 cast iron tub with the weight of about 100-120 kg.


Modern analogues have significantly less weight. They are much lighter than it was then. For example, let’s compare the old cast iron bath 150×70 with the modern model.

Imperial Feet cast iron tub weight

The weight of the first one will be up to twenty kilograms more than the contemporary one. This is due to the fact that some producers are trying to save on material, replacing them with more modern analogues. Of course, it is not bad, because we have to meet the modern technologies.

Interesting cast iron tub weight

However, sometimes this deteriorates some characteristics, for example, its quality, strength and thermal conductivity.

Interior cast iron tub weight
Some cast iron baths have rather small dimensions. For example, the depth of such a bath sometimes is only 35-37 cm, which creates some inconvenience for the average person who just does not fit into it.

Modest cast iron tub weight
As an example let’s look at Jacob cast iron tub weight depending on the model:

  • JACOB DELAFON SOISSONSE2921-00: size – 170×70 cm, weight – 90 kg, volume – 88 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON SOISSONS E2941-00: size – 150×70 cm, weight – 80 kg, volume – 80 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON SOISSONS E2931-00: size – 160×70 cm, weight – 84 kg, volume – 85 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON REPOSE2915-00: size – 170×80 cm, weight 139 kg, volume of 119 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON PARALLELE2948-00: size – 170×70 cm, weight – 121 kg, volume – 82 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON PARALLELE2947-00: size – 170×70 cm, weight – 121 kg, volume – 82 liters;
  • JACOB DELAFON MELANIEE2925-00: The dimension 170×70 cm, weight- 90 kg, the volume 82 liters.

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