Bidet use

How does a bidet work?

Many modern people still do not know how to use the bidet. Of course, the main rules mean that you need to go to the toilet before, and only then use this important bathroom equipment. The main purpose of bidet is to wash yourselves after all the toilet procedures.


But how does a bidet work? – Many people believe that it is requested to sit on a bidet like facing the faucet. But in fact, it is a matter of taste and convenience and it is not canon, of course. It’s just a matter of rationality and expediency. Some of us say that the most convenient way in the use of a bidet is to sit with the back to the wall and cranes.

Bidet use easy way

By the way do not forget that bidet is not a substitute procedure for taking a shower or a bath! Mind that the most people who use the bidet have showers or bathtubs and get a shower regularly. However, the use of a bidet allows you to not take your shower more often than necessary and avoids the tiring procedure of bath and shower tray cleaning.

Bidet use in your bathroom

Of course, the broadest bidet purpose is for the elderly or people with different kinds of disabilities. And for people suffering with hemorrhoids, which, unfortunately, affects now up to 99% of those who have office-sitting jobs, bidet becomes necessary matter of life and death, as a vulnerable area must be protected from any traumatic effects. By the way that is why they have to use even the softest toilet paper.

Bidet use manual for kids

Hospitals are often equipped with bidets. The reason of maintaining the personal hygiene in these places is obvious.

Bidet use

Culture bidet use in different countries

Using a bidet is a common procedure in many countries in Europe, for example, in France, Spain, Italy and Greece. In its turn, in Latin America, especially in Uruguay and Argentina, where bidets are in the houses or apartments of about 90% of the local population.

Contemporary bidet use

In the Middle East and parts of Asia you can also meet this bathroom equipment. Bidet is particularly popular in Japan, where the electronic bidet toilets are often installed in private homes and hotels. In Japan, for example, a bidet is so natural thing that the “convenience” is often installed even in public city toilets.

Electronic bidet use

By the way, in 1980, the mass production of the first “paperless toilet” was launched namely in Japan. But at that time it was a combination of toilet and bidet, which also dried you after washing.

How not to use a bidet

Nowadays, it is difficult to express how the combined bidet toilet seats are requesten and  popular in Japan. Different models of electronic toilet, equipped with a bidet, are installed at about 60% of  local homes!

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