66 inch bathtub modern interior

Forms and installation types of modern 66-inch bathtubs

According to their form and shape, all bathtubs can be divided into four main categories: rectangular, square, round and asymmetrical. It should be said that the form of the bath doesn’t influence its functions. Modern technologies allow realizing the most sophisticated ideas of designers without loss of any quality and reliability.

66 inch bathtub interior

As to the type of their installation they are divided into mountable and freestanding. The most popular kind is mountable. You are able to set your 66-inch bathtub both above the floor and at the same level with it. The last position will help you to create the illusion of a home pool. Freestanding baths are divided into two types: stand with the help of legs or arranged on a special pedestal.

66 inch bathtub modern interior

There is no any functional difference between them. Appearance is the main distinction. Freestanding baths are most often made of cast iron or cast marble. In addition, they may often covered with colored enamel (including enameled with sequins or with the effect of marble). 66-inch bathtub manufacturers offer a wide range of enamel colors, and it is possible to choose any shade you have dreamed about.


Many acrylic baths allow you to install some additional equipment such as hydro, turbo mass, air massage, aromatherapy, chromo therapy and underwater lights. Some 66-inch bathtub models are equipped with all these devices by default. The specialists recommend to examine carefully the possibility of a particular model.

66 inch bathtub two shades

We should also pay attention to the possibility of mixing faucet installation onto the bathroom board. This device should be ideally suited for a particular bath not only by its appearance but also by technical characteristics. The best variant is to pick them up once complete.

66 inch bathtub with feet

In order to protect your bathroom floor from the dropping water, you can buy special curtains. According to their shape the curtain are divided into rectangular, round and asymmetrical ones. You can also purchase the curtains in the form of the doors, represented by rowing, sliding, folding and end constructions.

66 inch shower

An important addition to the bath is an overflow system that is an additional tube that is brought to the hole near the edge of the bath and is equipped with access to the bottom of the sewer system. In fact, it is a protection against the apartment flooding, which doesn’t allow you 66-inch bathtub to overflow even in the most extreme case.

Black 66 inch bathtub

Most modern bathtubs are equipped with drain and overflow by default. On the other baths you can be put. Installation of this equipment is performed quickly and easily.

Clawfeet 66 inch bathtub

The service life of the 16-inch bathtub is not less than 15 years. Bath is the most important and the long-lived element of your bathroom.

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