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Do you know who invented the toilet bowl?

Modern toilets has thousands years old history. During the archaeological excavations in the Orkney Islands in the coast of Scotland in the stone walls of the ancient houses the researchers found the special holes, which were connected with gutters, as well as the remains of sewer pipes.

Ancient toilet paper

These findings proved to be latrines, the age of which, according to some estimates, is about 10 thousand years old. This fact relates them to the Neolithic period. Today, they are considered to be the most ancient ones on our planet.


More recent discoveries which were made during excavations on the banks of the Indus River constitute a complex drainage system through which the sewage went outside the city. At that time a toilet was a brick or stone box with a wooden seat.

Contemporary toilet for kids

The history of modern toilets began in ancient Greece and developed by the ancient Romans. The famous Roman drain CLOACA Maxima, which was created approx. 500 BC, there is to this day.

Contemporary toilet

The first public paid toilet was arranged before our era in the city Hieropolise. At the time, only the noble men could use the toilet. The toilet was arranged on the main shopping street, and was sort of a place for active communication.

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The ruler of Rome, Emperor Vespasian decided to replenish the city treasury by making a toilet accessible to all men of the city for a small fee. The history says that the emperor shared this idea with his son, who didn’t like the idea to make money on toilets.

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The governor realized its project and received the first benefits. It was said that this man shook a bag with money in the face of his son and asked “Do you like a smell?” – “But there is no any,” – the son answered. Then the wise father said, “Money does not smell!”

First toilet factory

With the decline of the Roman Empire, people lost a lot of important inventions, including the principles of sanitation. Sewerage systems were destroyed. The ordinary pot played the role of the toilet and its contents was splashed onto the street.

First toilet manual

But finally, in 1775 the Briton named Alexander Cummings guessed to bend discharge pipe of the toilet bowl with the letter U, a small amount of water in it did not issue a smell. A scientist called Doulton invented the cistern, fastening on a wall high above the toilet bowl. Many people know the system flushing “Pull the rope” was invented by the Englishman Thomas Krepper.

Gold toilet of crazy rich people

Who invented the toilet bowl? – Initially the first porcelain toilets of modern construction were created by Spanish company UNITAS. In 1915 the first cisterns appeared and we use them up to the present moment.

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