Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

Discount bathroom cabinets and their varieties

Modern discount bathroom cabinets as well as the expensive ones have a great number of different varieties. You can choose everything you like. But all in all these important pieces of furniture should be divided into four main types.


Let’s discover all of them in details.

Cheap bathroom cabinets in dallas tx

Standard bathroom cabinets

It is a standard solution that is suitable for any bathroom. Inside you can successfully arrange all the cosmetics, which is currently in use.Choosing the expensive or cheap bathroom cabinets of this type you should give the special attention to their sizes.

Cheap bathroom cabinets steel mirror

Why? – The matter is that everything depends on the place of its installation. If you are planning to hang your cabinet over the sink, its width must correspond to the width of the washbasin or tables on which it is installed.

Corner wall cabinet

This unusual approach to the furniture production allows you to use the space, which as a rule remains spare. There are no problems with this bathroom cabinet arrangement. In most cases you can arrange it in any corner you like and keep a lot of space as a result.

Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

Horizontal wall cabinet

Unlike all other models of the wall bathroom furniture, horizontal cabinet offers the convenience of its operation. Thanks to its low height you do not have to reach for everyday items, which are located on the upper shelves. It is easy to use even for small children and old people.

Discount bathroom cabinets and vanities

Mirrored bathroom cabinet

A separate type of furnishings include wall mirror bathroom cabinet. It can be both standard and angular, and sometimes even horizontal.

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Its main advantage is a mirror door. Placed above the sink this cabinet is able to replace a mirror and in such a way to save extra space in the bathroom. The only disadvantage is that you always have to keep it clean and transparent.

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Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

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