Bathroom taps in metal

Different types of bathroom taps

Of course, nowadays modern faucets have significant differences from its predecessors both technically and aesthetically. Along with the bathroom equipment, they can become a special kind of bathroom decoration and be used in order to emphasize the interior style.

For this reason, many manufacturers are now producing a whole series of bathroom taps, made in a single design with the rest of the fixtures: all types of sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets and bidets. Would you like to choose the faucet for the bathroom? Let’s discuss the most important points.

Common taps bathroom accessories

Faucet classification

Faucet classification is made in accordance with several parameters. Depending on the pipe run in the bathroom the faucets can be of vertical and horizontal mounting.

Contemporary taps bathroom accessories

Design classification

As to their design, the faucets can be divided into several types:

  • Double-valved, which are equipped with two handles or taps, separately for hot and cold water;
  • Single-levered, that are equipped with a handle, with the help of which the flow of both kinds of water is regulated;
  • Thermostatic, which are capable to manage the desired temperature constantly, until the change of temperature on the new rate;
  • Contactless, the switching on of which is done automatically without any manual contact.

Contrast bathrooms taps

These types of faucets are considered to be the most popular ones.

But what kind of the material should we choose for our bathroom taps? Let’s find out the most available ones.

Exclusive bathroom taps

Bathroom taps materials

Choosing faucets, you should pay attention to that fact that the best product is usually made of  brass. This material is massive enough, so there is a common knowledge that the high-quality faucet should be heavy.

Exclusive taps bathroom accessories

Nowadays buying brand faucet, you can be sure that its components are environmentally friendly, i.e., the ratio of zinc and copper in the alloy is safe for our health.

Hot and cold water bathroom taps

Brass taps are not afraid of corrosion, but in order to protect them more the producers prefer to cover their bathroom taps with nickel and chrome. By the way, this process improves their appearance. Chrome is more available, durable and hygienic.

Matrix taps bathroom accessories

Shower heads, faucets handles, and other accessories are also often made ​​of synthetic materials, for example, ABS-plastic. The premium bathroom taps are sometimes covered with aged bronze, gilding and chrome antique scratches effect.

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Bathroom taps in metal

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